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A Guide to Digital Dating

A Guide to Digital Dating

Five of Our Favorite Apps and What You’ll Get Out of Them

Why Digital Dating?

Thanks to our technology-driven world, the dating scene mostly takes place through digital apps on our smartphones. Though this may go against what you know as a human, these apps help make it easier to date people. It’s hard enough going about your day talking to people you already know; why add on the stress and pressure of meeting someone completely new in person? Dating apps allow you to make it clear what you’re looking for from the start. Maybe you’re looking for your next husband or wife, or perhaps you just want a movie date. Whatever it is, these five dating apps will help you find it.

Meet the Apps!


  • Tinder was one of the first dating apps to hit the scene back in 2012. It coined the terms “swipe right” and “swipe left” referring to the swiping motion one does in order to show whether you find that person attractive and want to get to know them better. The app is based off initial attractiveness which is much like it is in the real world. This makes Tinder a good option to try out since it’s so quick and easy; unlike other apps, it doesn’t require too much thought to learning the swiping process. If it turns out both users have swiped right, they will both be notified and will be dubbed a “match.” After the two have become a match, they are free to chat and set up plans as desired. Tinder is quick, easy to use, and doesn’t get in the way of your busy schedule.


  • Bumble is a newer app in which women call the shots. In most dating apps, anyone can start the conversation once the two users are a match. Bumble, however, lets the women decide if they want to make the first move. Men can’t say anything until they do, and they only have 24 hours to respond or they lose the match. It puts a little bit of pressure on men while the women coast. By feeling less pressured by men, women can take back their autonomy in the dating world.


  • Unlike other dating apps, Hinge asks questions that must be answered in order to have a profile. The answers to these questions will be posted for potential matches to read, which greatly helps in the quest for love. You can also let others know some general habits in which you do or do not partake, such as drinking, smoking cigarettes, etc. It helps weed out some people that know you probably wouldn’t get along with in the real world just by reading a few of their answers. Their logo is “designed to be deleted,” so they want you to find your one true love when using this app.


  • OkCupid also tries to make it so that users must get to know one another before judging someone based solely on looks. After answering a long series of questions, your answers get posted to your profile for potential matches to see. Like Hinge, OkCupid wants its users to meet on a deeper level and make a connection based on personalities.

Coffee Meets Bagel

  • No, Coffee Meets Bagel isn’t an app to find the best coffee shops, but it’s a dating app. Coffee, the ideal first date, meets Bagel, an homage to the creators’ home in NYC. CMB sends out quality matches to you at noon every day, and you call the shots from there. Your in-depth profile contains information beyond just surface-level facts about you, which hopefully sparks meaningful chats with your matches. CMB is an app to use if you want long term love.
Source: The Economist

Not so daunting now, is it?

There are so many options for finding love out on the market right now. Our schedules are constantly getting busier, and there just don’t have enough hours in the day to make spontaneous meetings happen. If you’re one of the lucky few out there that have accomplished this feat, then congratulations! You have conquered one of the world’s most difficult tasks. For those of us who need a little help getting back out onto the scene, however, these apps will make the transition much easier. Everyone wants something different, and it just takes time until you know you found exactly what you wanted all along. The dating world knows not everyone seeks marriage, and though some are, there are options for everyone.

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