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Apple Keynote Event

Apple Keynote Event

Apple had its Keynote event this week and unveiled new details about the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Apple TV+, Apple iPad, and the new Apple Watch Series 5. Christmas came early, and Apple enthusiasts can’t wait to get their hands on all the new gadgets and gizmos Apple has promised them.

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

Get ready to switch things up! The new phones are available in six different colors: green, purple, yellow, white, black and (Product) RED. Some people called the green and purple shades “Easter,” meaning pastel. This might be the color of phone you don’t want to hide with a case, but don’t drop it–it’s still just as fragile as ever, with its signature cool, sleek design.

The phone also comes with an ultra wide lens camera, which gives people the opportunity to take “slofies.” The front facing camera on the 11 also receives upgrades with TrueDepth Portrait mode, 4K video, and slow-motion selfies, hence “slofies.” Get ready to take your selfies to the next level with the updated photography power of these cameras. This includes the addition of the four camera system. This means that in addition to the front facing camera, there are three camera lenses in the back ready to optimize and stylize your pictures.

Apple TV+

If you’re looking to switch your television provider, Apple TV+ might be just the thing for you. Starting November 1, it costs only $4.99–that is, if you purchase the bundle. The bundle also offers a free year of service, so it’s worth looking into.

Apple iPad

The new iPad comes in at a much larger size than its former version: a whopping 10.2 inches. Along with the bigger size comes better and swifter multitasking, Apple Pencil, and other updates to make users of the iPad smaller. It hits stores on September 30.

Apple Watch Series 5

The newest Apple watch will be available in a silver tone and black titanium. The silver is pretty and flashy, and people will notice it on your wrist. The black titanium is a little more subdued, but still beautiful, and of course gets all of the jobs done. Both watches can withstand any of the outdoor elements, so it won’t be necessary to take off your watch when a little rain hits.

This Cupertino-based company always makes it so that there’s something for everyone, and their Keynote was no different than years prior. Get ready for some cool, new updates, and get ready to have the latest gear out there.

What are you most excited to get? Let us know!

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