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The Marketing Domino Effect

The Domino Effect

We all know what the domino effect is and how it can have an impact on everything in our lives. It’s the cumulative effect produced when one event sets off a chain of similar events. Like regular old dominoes, for example. If you set them up in a line and knock one down, the rest will follow. This concept is the same in marketing. Your success depends on how well you operate every aspect of your business, including advertising, social media, products, and everything in between.

Some business owners believe that because they sell things through their website, they don’t need to worry about social media networks. Let’s be clear: even if your site is successful, that doesn’t mean you don’t need social media. If your site has a Facebook icon but directs the customer to a Facebook page with little to no information, or worse, doesn’t take you anywhere, this is a problem. This gives off the impression that your account isn’t active and you have very few followers. This is just the beginning of the Domino Effect.

Make your YouTube presence known

On the other hand, Instagram accounts that have thousands of followers, which is great, but then they won’t have a presence on YouTube, which is a big mistake in today’s world. Though it may seem like it at times, not everyone on the planet has an Instagram account. Some people prefer to do searching through YouTube since it’s more interactive, and that’s a huge market to miss out.

The moral of this story is to stay connected. All of your accounts must be connected in order to reach the widest audience possible, thus creating the most successful outcome. When someone wants to collaborate with you, the first thing they do is check your website and social media profiles. This alone is a great way to see how things might go if a collaboration occurred.

Don’t take the easy way out

Unfortunately in marketing, people can be “cheap” when it comes to their site. They pay a one-time fee to create something quick and easy, hoping to keep it forever. This is the wrong way to do this, for a website is much like an application on your phone that needs to constantly be updated. You can’t simply create something and then be done with it. 

Sure, you can take an old website and “upgrade” it by adding new images and content. While this works to some extent, it’s much like washing an old pair of shoes: they get cleaner, but the bottoms are still torn. In other words, there’s not much reviving something that can’t be revived. Your website, just like your shoes, needs to be replaced.

The keys to success

To be successful, you have to understand the importance of the connection between networks. When you think about it, social media is the main thing in today’s world connecting everybody with one another. It connects people who live down the street from each other, or those that live continents apart. There is a clear connection between networks that actually encourage you to follow through with this. For example, Instagram always asks if you want to share your post on Twitter and Facebook, thus gaining a larger audience. These platforms want to be shared with each other.

You can’t just assume what people are and aren’t going to see. Even when you do everything you can to make it as easy as possible for people, it still won’t always work like you want it to. That’s why making it easier on yourself and connecting all of your accounts will help you greatly. Working from all angles creates an active presence, brand awareness, attracts followers, and builds your name and reputation. That’s a recipe for success, and it won’t work unless you get your life connected.

Sales await you

Though this may seem like a tedious task, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: this all leads to sales! Lots and lots of sales! The funnel you build should leave your brand exposed, relationships made, trust gained, and eventually, a purchase. These things take time, but getting the tedious things out of the way first makes all the difference. When you connect every aspect of your business, life gets easier, and your sales go up. It’s that simple.

Take this time to organize all of your social media accounts. Make sure your Facebook is up to date, your follow accounts similar to yours on Instagram, and, most importantly, your website is clean, accurate, and updated. Without a functional website, none of this is possible, so make that your first priority. Create a maze so customers will look at more products and hopefully buy them. Create exposure on social media to drive more direct traffic to your website. Much like life, everything connects when it comes to your business; are you doing everything you can to be successful?

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Some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our social media support experts.

On your LinkedIn profile, there is a button toward the bottom of your profile that says, “Link Facebook.” When you click here, you will be asked for your Facebook information. When you do this, you can easily connect everything together.

On your LinkedIn profile, go to your profile drop down menu in the top right hand corner. Open it and click on “Privacy and Settings.” Directly under “Settings” in the top right hand corner, click on “Manage your Twitter Settings.” This will bring you to another page which invites you to add your Twitter information.

Go to your profile and click “lists.” Create a short description for each list, then add different Twitter accounts. You can decide whether you want them to be public or private.

On your homepage, find groups. In the top right hand corner, there will be a button that says, “create group.” Click on this and make a group and add descriptions and invite people to be a part of it.

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