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What Will Be Trending for Social Media In 2020?

Ephemeral content, influencer marketing, and paid advertisements were a huge success in 2019. What can we expect coming into 2020 in social media? Here are the top three social media trends for the upcoming year.

1) The Innovative Social TV
Social TV is very likely to open new avenues of social media marketing in 2019. One of the most significant developments in this realm has been IGTV. Social TV allows the broadcast of longer videos, and its format is different from the traditional videos that are time-limited on social media. Through platforms such as IGTV, brands will have access to becoming broadcasters of their niche.

Social TV will have the capability for the videos to be up to an hour-long and comparing themselves to traditional television by including different channels exclusive for their users. Popularity amongst social media users will increase in 2019 because of features like these, and in turn, it will expand social media marketing potential.

2) Live Streaming is a Winner

People love seeing the intimate and what’s going behind the scenes. What a great way to offer personalized experiences to your audiences like live-streaming raw footage of your daily routines, products, and services! Picture perfect is great, but real, raw, live footage gets you that much closer to your audience.

We cannot put enough emphasis on the significance and importance of personalized customer experience. Not only do you give your audience a personal intake on what’s going on, but you’re also sending out an essential call-to-action. An example we like to use is promoting a product and a one-time offer. Through the live stream, you can interact with potential customers who may be interested or have questions on the spot. Not to mention, you’re chances of having an immediate sale just got higher.

3) Video Marketing

Video content dominated 2019, and it will continue to do so in 2020. A trend created by Snapchat has now become the center of attraction for Instagram with over 200 million IG users using Instagram stories on a monthly basis. If you haven’t by now, it’s time you start making Instagram stories a principal focus in your marketing strategy for 2019. Social video platforms such as YouTube will continue to have a tremendous amount of success especially amongst Generation Z’ers, which are also becoming the target of most brands since they are now entering the workforce and have the cash to spend.

By nature, people are visual learners, and as a brand, providing videos goes much further than what pictures have to offer. Businesses are starting to get this point, and video channels are becoming more versatile. As a social media marketer, taking advantage of these video platforms take offering personalized customer experiences to a whole new level.

We have a lot of great innovations to expect in 2020 and the current growth in already working strategies such as an increase in augmented reality and influencer marketing thriving even stronger. We would love to hear your feedback on what you think 2020 will bring to social media.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our social media support experts.

On your LinkedIn profile, there is a button toward the bottom of your profile that says, “Link Facebook.” When you click here, you will be asked for your Facebook information. When you do this, you can easily connect everything together.

On your LinkedIn profile, go to your profile drop down menu in the top right hand corner. Open it and click on “Privacy and Settings.” Directly under “Settings” in the top right hand corner, click on “Manage your Twitter Settings.” This will bring you to another page which invites you to add your Twitter information.

Go to your profile and click “lists.” Create a short description for each list, then add different Twitter accounts. You can decide whether you want them to be public or private.

On your homepage, find groups. In the top right hand corner, there will be a button that says, “create group.” Click on this and make a group and add descriptions and invite people to be a part of it.

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