A Message from the CEO

Dear Business Owner,

HVMA understands the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak. With that being said, we understand how much this has and may potentially affect your business. 

As a business owner, it’s critical that you act strategically and stay proactive during this difficult period. Remeber, due to various curfews, limitations, and the overall situation, people are staying home, which means they are online longer than usual.

While we realize this situation is only temporary, it is still important that you keep your online presence strong, and consistently engage with your community.

We all have work to do for our families, businesses, and friends, which is why HVMA Social Media is offering support to any small business owners who need more online exposure during these difficult times. We encourage you to tag us on all of your posts, or send your posts to us, and we will reshare them on our channels so you can reach new audiences! #wesupport

This is the time to stay together so we can all continue being successful! Together we can overcome these challenges.

HVMA Social Media CEO
Hilik Haviv

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