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Atlanta SEO Expert

Atlanta SEO Expert

Marketing is one of the hottest businesses to get into at the moment. With more and more websites and brands in need of advertising, marketers and agencies are busy at all times working on analytics, SEO, and tracking audience behavior. With our ever-changing world, understanding all of the inner workings of SEO can get challenging. Read on to discover some tips and tools to become an SEO expert. 

Atlanta is a city in development

Being a city in development, Atlanta has lots of different kinds of businesses and big companies. With the influx of business, that means more competition for customers, which means more marketing is required for you to be at the top. The more ads, sites, or agencies that offer the same services as you, the greater the chances are that a specific customer will pick yours are instantly lower, which brings the need for your business to be as visible as possible. The more Atlanta SEO experts we have, the better it is for everyone.

My website on Google

Developing a site but failing to promote it is like opening a store in the middle of the desert: it’s useless. Though it could be the most beautiful website ever created, that doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone will see it, let alone visit it. There are close to 2B websites on the Internet as you read this article, including sites related to your industry. Most people are not searching for their products in the desert–they search in Google and other search engines. Your site needs to be adjusted in order for Google to organically promote it.

Not everyone can be #1

It’s no secret that everyone wants to be ranked number one on Google–we get a lot of that. That’s great and all, but guess what? Even though everyone might want that highly coveted number one spot, only one person can have it. So, instead of wanting to be number one, it’s important to work to be number one. What are the steps you need to take to be number one on Google?

Google, just like you, wants to be the best and offer the best services to its clients, users, and viewers. That’s why Google wants to refer someone searching for a product to the perfect website for their needs. Whether it’s a service, question, or video, Google will take them where they need to go. Google will then decide who to pick first and who to refer. The algorithm does it in a way that adjusts your interests and location with the keywords and keyphrases to give you the best option available. The more relevant your site is to the keywords in the search, the more chances you have to be higher in the rank of that specific search.

Ranking by words and domain name

Each keyword gets a score. Google ranks your site pages according to the words mentioned, which includes a general count of the total site, such as its industry, keyphrases, descriptions, etc. The more content you have related to an industry with specific keywords, the more chances you have for Google to understand what your industry is and connect you with the right searches, while also managing to get you higher in that search.

Your domain name also gets scores. In this case, it gets scored on its age, reputation, trust, and, of course, activity. If your site’s domain name was bought and first used 12 years ago, but a new competitor starts a business with a similar name, Google will want to promote the original. All content aside, this “rule” has a time limit, but the old one will have had a head start advantage. These things take time, but you must trust in the process.

Your site is alive

It should go without saying, but Google wants to see activity on your site. It works in relation to traffic and activity. Google’s algorithm checks how relevant your site is by the number of visitors you have. More people equals more traffic, helping Google understand that searchers find your site interesting and helpful.

Another important thing is to constantly update your site. The more content you upload in a short amount of time, the more active your site is. It’s better to upload five images in five days over five images at once. If you don’t have any content to upload, change a line or two on an existing piece on the site. Google tracks the changes, recognizes the updates, and has more of a reason to work with your site. 

“Near me” searches

One of the strongest aspects of a search is the “near me” component. Whether it’s a restaurant, digital marketing agency, or SEO expert near me, it matters greatly. In many cases, you come across places you didn’t know existed, but relate to your search. This includes local services and even international services. No matter where the searcher is, you want to be one of the businesses that shows up. For this to happen, Google My Business, Google Maps, and Google Local Search all must be updated. Not only does having an Atlanta SEO expert involved in this step help, but an Atlanta expert knows where all the best locations are.

If someone is searching for “near me,” that likely means they need that service instantly, unlike general research people do when thinking about future services. This is a hot lead to have. Updating the Google Local Search and its components can be beneficial with an immediate effect.

Find a consultant 

Many businesses are trying to do it all by themselves, and that is the biggest mistake to make. What starts as a money-saving operation ends up as a lot of time spent on creating and updating their site. While this is a good start, you will end up behind if you go through with it. Just like anything in today’s technological world, there are daily changes to algorithms, systems, and the way things are done. There are many aspects to keep up with on an hourly basis, including analytics, advertising data, or audience behavior. Leave this part to the Atlanta SEO experts and continue to do what you do best: run a business.

Organic vs. costs

While organic sounds like it means “free,” that’s not always the case. It’s true if you compare it to the Google Adwords or paid campaigns, and yes, there’s no need to pay Google for being in the search. However, we’ve learned that there are many things to do to manage your site’s scores and reputation. Creating, updating, adding, changing, and being on top of your competitors is daily work that must be done.

All these things cost money, and the businesses that understand the importance of SEO are spending copious amounts of money on it. These companies even have separate departments handing analytics, content creation, and even SEO experts. They realize that getting another customer means it was worth the investment, so keep that in mind as you grow.

Calling all Atlanta SEO experts! These are just a few ways that Atlanta SEO and digital marketing will help your business grow in today’s market. Join the marketing force and make a difference for the local businesses near you while continuing to hone your craft. Get out there and put your skills to work!

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