Data-Driven Analytics Obsession – Part 2

Data-Driven Analytics Marketing Blog for Owners

Jerry Seinfeld, at the beginning of episode 5 of season one of his mega-hit television series Seinfeld, talks about the payment system for food in restaurants and how money has a different value (or no value) when we are hungry and when we’re full. At the beginning of a meal at a restaurant, we order […]

Data-Driven Analytics Obsession – Part 1

Data Analytics blog for business owners

Do you ever ask yourself why Google is free? Check out this scenario; If Google said you have to pay only $1 per month to use it, would you pay? According to their numbers, there are over 63,000 searches per second! That translates to 5.6 billion searches per day and about 1.3 trillion searches per […]

Famous Animals of Television and Movies

While we love having our real life dogs, cats, rabbits, lizards, and turtles as companions, humans have put a lot of love into cartoon characters, too. There are lots of famous characters who have brought us joy and company throughout the years, and they deserve a standing ovation. Here are some favorite, famous friends from […]

How to Increase Your LinkedIn Followers

linked in

What do you get when you mix a social media platform with networking professionals? You get LinkedIn, of course. One of the most popular job-seeking sites available, LinkedIn has brought together people from all different backgrounds, landing them their dream jobs. More social media related marketing articles from HVMA:► Making Marketing Work► Important social media tips […]

Constant Contact: Best Features

As a business, email marketing is a must for your strategy. Email marketing involves sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people. There are different types of emails. Newsletters are the most common, and probably the type that you are most familiar with because you get them on a weekly basis. They give […]

Website Builders: WordPress, Wix, Joomla!

Remember the days when building a website was difficult? Those days certainly aren’t around anymore thanks to the hundreds of website building services available. If you’re thinking about building one for your business but don’t know where to start, don’t fret; we’re here to help. Here are the top three building services that we think […]

How Does YouTube Make Money?


We’re all familiar with YouTube: it’s the mega video-sharing platform that doubles as the second most popular search engine behind Google. That’s all well and good, but do you think you really know YouTube? Do you know the ins and outs of it? What makes it tick? Better yet, how does it make money? We […]

Should I Make My Website Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile website

Building a website is no easy feat. There are multiple different steps involved, including simply planning out how you want it to look. Then, of course, you have to design, code, and test it out before you even think about having it go live. There are some aspects that you can’t afford to miss, however, […]

CRM: Customer Relationship Management Tools


Do your customers like you? Did you confidently say yes? Are you lying to yourself? It’s okay, you can be honest here; if you need help improving your CRM management, read on to discover some of our favorites. More email related marketing articles from HVMA:► Email Marketing Guide 2020► Email Marketing Opening Rates ► Eye Catching […]

Marketing Budget Changes for 2020

2020 is a big year no matter how you look at it. It’s the end of the previous decade and the start of an entirely new one. Every new year is an opportunity to make the changes necessary in order to have a successful business. This year, plan to work harder than ever before to […]

The NFL and Social Media

The NFL and Social Media

The three most important things in the world are getting enough sleep, staying up to date with social media, and watching NFL football. When you combine two out of the three, however, you get something beautiful. See what we mean by that in our article here. The long-awaited return of the National Football League Playoffs […]

Atlanta Digital Marketing & SEO

atlanta digital marketing and seo

Atlanta, Georgia is a hub for many things: airports, music and Chick-Fil-A, just to name a few; but did you know that it also serves as one of the best places to be for all things digital marketing? Though it might not be one of the first things that comes to mind, it certainly serves […]

How to Collect Emails From Customers

Have you ever stopped and wondered why mailing lists exist? What is their purpose in life? Why do they matter so much for your business? How can you find the value in them and use them to achieve success? Why do we have emails? More email related marketing articles from HVMA:► Email Marketing Guide 2020► Email […]

Content Writing for Your Business

Running a business isn’t easy by any means. You have to worry about and deal with money, crunch numbers, keep up with the demands of customers, and keep the overall operation running smoothly without any problems. That’s a tall order for one business. Something to help alleviate the stress of everything starts with your website: […]

Email Marketing Guide for 2020

Half of the world’s population uses email. This means that email marketing is one of the easiest ways to reach those billions of potential customers. 81 percent of small business owners rely on email marketing to generate leads and convert window shoppers into buyers. If you’re not implementing email marketing tactics into your business, you […]

Email Marketing With Higher Opening Rates

Between 2014 and 2018, the average office worker received about 90 emails a day and sent around 40 business emails daily. We can infer that, with the addition of so many different kinds of technology and with faster overall connection, that number has increased during 2019, and will likely increase again in 2020 and so […]

What Does a Social Media Specialist Do?

A social media specialist can be the difference between success and failure for your business. Do you know how to correctly use social media to make that vision for your company come true? If you’re still in the first stages of discovering what it takes, you’re in luck. HVMA Social Media has compiled a list […]

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the number 1 place to go for online advertising. Why? Because gaining new customers and Facebook ads go together. Get ready to reach new audiences and potential customers for your business. Always advertise where you can be seen–that place is Facebook. With millions of people already on the platform, the benefits for you […]

Animals of the Internet

Animals of the Internet; dog wearing glasses in a car passing by plants

Humans can’t seem to resist anything with four legs, furry bodies, and sweet faces. Hundreds of thousands of adorable videos of animals have graced the Internet over the years, and they never get old. A classic go-to for whenever we have too much time on our hands, want to procrastinate writing our papers, or just […]

Things Your Competitors Do That You Don’t

Get better than your competitors

If you run a successful business, you’ll always have other businesses competing with you. While at times you might feel intimidated or inferior due to how big of a brand they are, take some time out to check out their website. What is appealing about your competitors’ products? Is there anything that you believe could […]

Eye-Catching Email Marketing Tactics

Eye-catching Email Marketing Tips

ATTENTION READERS: There’s a special surprise waiting for you at the end of this article! All you have to do in order to find is simply read on to discover some can’t-miss eye-catching email marketing tactics for your business.   More wellness industry related marketing articles from HVMA:► How To Get Spa Clients To Return► 20 […]

The Best TED Talks About Social Media from 2019

Social media is a strange thing to have to wrap your head around. It consists of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and anything in between that revolves around bringing people together. In fact, the exact definition of social media is as follows: websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in […]

What Can a Social Media Specialist Do For You?

Social Media Management

Does social media even work? Or is it some sort of hoax? Why would you want to invest your money into it? The short answer is this: it works. Without social media, your business won’t take off. So if you’re still on the fence about it, go ahead and make the decision for it to […]

Neil Patel: Author, Marketer and Entrepreneur

Are you in the market for some free advice on how to run a business from one of the top influencers from the Internet? Or how about some free advice from one of the top ten marketers as determined by Forbes? What about some free advice from someone who created one of the top 100 […]

Social Media: Past, Present, and Future

social media: past, present, future

The history of social media has been a relatively fast-growing operation. To think that Friendster hit the scene in 2002, just 17 years ago, and then to think about how far we’ve come since then is incredible. On top of that, Friendster wasn’t even the first platform available. New forms of social media are moving […]

Sandy Springs Marketing

sandy springs marketing

Sandy Springs, Georgia is a great place to live for a multitude of reasons. While there’s plenty of fun things to do for the whole family, it’s also a huge marketing hub for businesses. In Sandy Springs alone, the headquarters of quite a few Fortune 500 companies reside here, most of them being household names. […]

Delete Tracked Locations Through Google Maps

delete tracked locations through google maps

We can all agree on the fact that GPS installed in our smartphones is one of the best features available. The days of only using MapQuest are over, and we couldn’t be more grateful. If you use Google Maps, however, it might behoove you to know that it tracks all of your locations. We understand […]

Cordless Chargers Abound in the Future

cordless chargers abound in the future

In an attempt to make our world even more wireless than it already is, Apple revealed some interesting information. Come 2021, some of their products might go completely cordless. That’s right; prepare to potentially say goodbye to annoying chargers that get tangled up and lost in your bags. If they go through with this, those […]

Hootsuite: A Trusted Social Media Scheduling Tool

Hootsuite social media scheduling tool

Do you have trouble keeping your social media in check? Is it difficult to remember what you posted, when you posted it, and where it finally posted? Is this hindering your ability to have a strong and organized social media presence for your business? Hire Hootsuite. Why You Need Hootsuite If you answered yes to […]

Instagram Now Requires Birthday for New Users

instagram requires birthday for new users

It’s no secret that the majority of Instagram users are between the ages of 18-24 and 25-34. While the age of 18 technically qualifies as an adult, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have seen the world yet, or even know much about it. This is precisely why Instagram has now made it so that […]

The Rise of Groups on Facebook

the rise of groups on facebook

Facebook has always been a platform to connect with others. This is why billions of people around the world use it every second. It makes it easy to keep in touch with family, friends, colleagues, and classmates even when parties are located across the world from one another. It’s arguably the most social social network […]

Black Friday 2019: Shop or Flop?

black friday technology shopping

As the Thanksgiving holiday and break winds down, the holidays begin to heat up. Before we move on, however, it’s important to take a look at this year’s Black Friday numbers. Whether you opted for an online Black Friday or were one of the brave who decided to trek out into the night for the […]

The Thanksgiving Opportunity

thanksgiving money on leaves

As the leaves start to change, the wind starts to blow a little harder, and the layers of clothes start piling on, we know it can only mean one thing: the holidays are near, and it’s time to celebrate. One of the most delicious and loving holidays is Thanksgiving. It comes on the fourth Thursday […]

6 Income-Generating Reasons to Start Email Marketing

5 income generating reasons to start email marketing

If you haven’t made use of email marketing, it’s time you start. Before you do, however, you must assess your business. First and most importantly, you must have your business concept together before you begin anything else. If you don’t have a set idea of you who are, what need you fill, and who your […]

Black Friday Deals You’ll Love

black friday shopping deals

While everyone loves Thanksgiving, some people enjoy the day that comes after it even more. That’s right, Black Friday is upon us, but the deals are already getting started in preparation for the big day. So, what is Black Friday, exactly? If you’ve been living under a rock all your life and aren’t familiar with […]

Whale: Facebook’s Most Silent App Release

whale;dog wearing unicorn outfit

Memes are some of the most popular phenomenons to ever come out of the 21st century. If you’ve been living under a rock for the last ten years and aren’t sure what a meme is exactly, it’s an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture—often with the aim of […]

What Content to Post on My Website

What Content to Post on My Website

Your website’s content matters most. Are you doing all you can to make sure you have the most relevant, up to date information? If not, this article has all the information you’ll ever need. Websites make the world go ‘round. Websites provide us with more information than a phone book ever could, and in a […]

Vaping Apps Banned By Apple

vaping apps banned by Apple

The vaping epidemic is out of control. The demographic at stake is young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 especially. E-cigarette use among young adults in the U.S. jumped 46.2% between 2017 and 2018, and that number has only continued to grow in 2019 into 2020. Though this is harrowing news, there is […]

Effective Digital Marketing

Effective Digital Marketing

Digital times call for digital measures. When running a business, we can’t rely on outdated methods of marketing. If you find yourself following tactics you had years ago with no increase in sales, it’s time to rethink your whole operation. Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the […]

What is account optimization?

what is account optimization?

We want everything to go optimally in our everyday lives, correct? Why wouldn’t you want the same for you business? If you want to achieve success, you must focus on optimizing your accounts. Be the best version of your brand that you can. Social media runs the world. We can do everything with it: talk […]

Instagram is Finally Testing Hidden Likes in U.S.

Instagram is officially testing hiding likes in US

The unthinkable is finally coming to the United States: Instagram is officially testing hiding likes. While this Facebook, owner of Instagram, already tried this in some places internationally, it’s still new to the U.S. One of the reasons this is so huge is because the U.S. is one of the key markets for the platform, […]

Echo Buds by Amazon: Great for Music

echo buds by amazon

Back in September, Amazon unveiled its latest technological achievements, which included the Echo Glow, Echo Flex, and even a Smart Oven. Perhaps the most impressive installment of them all, however, might be the Echo Buds. The Echo Buds are a direct take on Apple’s AirPods, and some even seem to prefer them over the originals. […]

Facebook Parent Company Changes Logo

facebook parent company changes logo

If you managed to pay any attention to the social media world this year, you might have noticed that Facebook underwent some serious privacy violations. In the midst of these violations, it’s clear that they haven’t always handled themselves in the most graceful fashion. It seems as though Mark Zuckerberg has been drowning in hot […]

Like Patrol: Morally and Ethically Wrong

like patrol: morally and ethically wrong

While social media and technology have brought some truly amazing functions to the table, the rise of using this as an excuse to stalk friends, family, and significant others is not as glamorous. Recently following the removal of Instagram’s Following tab, an app called Like Patrol scraped users’ data without their consent. Because of this, […]

Atlanta SEO Expert

Atlanta SEO Expert

Marketing is one of the hottest businesses to get into at the moment. With more and more websites and brands in need of advertising, marketers and agencies are busy at all times working on analytics, SEO, and tracking audience behavior. With our ever-changing world, understanding all of the inner workings of SEO can get challenging. […]

Halloween Marketing

halloween marketing; witch flying full moon spooky tree

Just because a holiday occurs, it doesn’t mean your successful marketing tactics have to, too. In fact, marketing and advertising on holidays is arguably more important than any regular day. Find out how to make that happen on one of the scariest days of the year, Halloween. Halloween is one of the most fun holidays […]

Metric Optimization Changes to Facebook

metric optimization changes to facebook

If you use Facebook regularly to advertise, you’re probably familiar with their optimization metrics and how they work. Even though this may be so, Facebook is once again changing things around, so it’s time to get used to a new way of using the platform to boost business for you. Some of the biggest changes […]

How Does the Facebook Marketplace Algorithm Work?

How Does the Facebook Marketplace Algorithm Work?

What is Facebook Marketplace and how can it be useful to your business? This article dives deep and gives you the specifics on what you can sell on this new Facebook feature. With each passing year, shopping gets easier and easier. Facebook’s Marketplace is no different. Members of the Facebook community can buy, sell, and […]

Increase Your Holiday Sales

increase your holiday sales

The holidays are fun for everyone, but for your business, it should also be busy. People are always buying products and services around this time, and without you telling them about yours, you won’t make money. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Who doesn’t love the holidays? Spending time with family, eating delicious […]

How to Capture Leads

how to capture leads- no text

Without leads, your business won’t go anywhere. They are an essential part of having a successful business; but how do you know when you have one, and where do you go from there? Read on to discover more about the art of capturing leads. More social media related marketing articles from HVMA: – Best time […]

Snapchat Rises in Popularity; Still Growing

Snapchat Rising in Popularity: Still Growing

Just when you thought it was over for Snapchat, seven million new users joined their platform. Where did this influx of people come from? Thanks to Snapchat making valiant efforts to keep with apps like Tik Tok and Instagram, users are once again returning to the eight-year-old platform. What’s Tik Tok? For those of you […]

Facebook Advertising: “It Doesn’t Work for Me…”

Facebook Ads: it doesn't work for me

Facebook ads work; point blank. Thinking otherwise will start your business off on the wrong foot, which is something you can’t afford to do. If you want to learn how to optimize them for your business, read on. – Facebook marketplace algorithm – Why Should I use Facebook Ads – 10 Facebook Marketing Tips – […]

LinkedIn’s New Feature: Events Hub

two women meeting working

If you currently or have used LinkedIn at some point in your life, odds are you understand the concept. LinkedIn is an employment-oriented networking site, meaning that people use it to find their next potential careers. The site has over 645 million users, and people generally feel good using it. Just don’t apply to be […]

How To Upload Articles

How To Upload Articles; person typing on laptop

Does your website have a section dedicated to written articles and other content? If the answer is no, that’s the first obstacle on the road to success. Check out our article to figure out what to do regarding your articles. If you’re a small business looking for a place to build your website, WordPress is […]

Wikipedia: History, Facts, and Knowledge

wikipedia history facts and knowledge

There are fe encyclopedias as popular or as easily accessible as Wikipedia. Anyone can use it to learn, and anyone can use it to educate. See why it’s changed the course of online knowledge forever. We use Wikipedia almost every day of our lives, but how often do we actually stop to think about the […]

YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising

Do you care about the success of your business? If you aren’t advertising on YouTube, then the answers must be no. If you cared about your business, you’d know that advertising on the second largest search engine behind Google couldn’t be skipped. Learn more about it here. More social media related marketing articles from HVMA: […]

Like Don’t Like

Like don't like

Welcome to 2019: the number of likes you get on a post no longer matter. We’ve watched the progression of social media take over, where the only thing people cared about was the number of likes they received on a post. In the world of business, the likes don’t matter–it’s all about the sales you […]

Instagram Enables Dark Mode

light switch lights out dark mode instagram

Dark mode is all the rage when it comes to social media apps. Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and YouTube already established the option for users, and Instagram finally made the switch itself. Dark mode is a color scheme that uses light-colored text, icons, and graphical user interface elements on a dark background and is often discussed […]

How to Create a Wikipedia Page

How to create a Wikipedia page

Ever wondered about the importance of Wikipedia pages? What about the importance behind your business running a page to increase bran awareness? Don’t stress over how to do it; read our article and see for yourself how easy it is. Wikipedia is a website available to anyone in the world with access to the Internet. […]

“Following” on Instagram: The End of an Era

man running away blue background long winding road

Say goodbye to the somewhat creepy “Following” feature on Instagram because it’s going away this week. You know the one we’re talking about. When using the app, you navigate to where you see who liked your pictures, who requested to follow you, etc. If you swipe to the left, the Following page shows up. Here, […]

Meet Threads, Instagram’s Companion App

two girls smiling happy love threads

If you enjoy using Instagram, but also enjoy chatting with friends, we’ve got some good news for you. Instagram just rolled out the new app called Threads. This goes beyond the Close Friends option on the original app. It’s its own entity, totally private, and totally fun and easy to use. Threads is a camera-first […]

The Connection of Writing and SEO

Writing and SEO

When it comes to SEO, keywords are the most important things to remember. A keyword is an idea or topic that defines what your topic is about. Whether you’re a marketer, a restaurateur, or a plummer, there are words that people automatically associate with your area of business. Google is like one of those people […]

How to Make Money from Instagram

How to make money on Instagram

Men and women everywhere are ditching their 9 to 5 careers for a life on Instagram. Some see it as a way to join the stars and celebrities we all know and love, and enjoy the money made from doing so. Check out our article to see what we mean. Social media is one of […]

iPhone 11 Highlights

iPhone in hand laptops in background

The reviews are in, and it looks like the newest iPhones are winners. Apple strives to always outdo the competition, and even itself. With the release of its latest creation, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, it seems to have done just that. Eye-Catching Pictures The most impressive feature of both versions […]

YouTubers Under “Massive” Hacking Attacks

man phishing youtube hacking

A “massive” attack overcame some popular YouTube accounts over the weekend, and people are shaken up. Though the attack appeared mostly to be toward high profile accounts, it seemed to be mostly aimed at influencers of different genres. These genres comprised mostly of technology, music, gaming and Disney. However, if you have a channel and […]

Why Should I Use Facebook Ads for My Business?

Facebook advertising for business

Facebook ads are the KEY to success for your company. Every owner wants their business to be successful, right? If so, learning how to operate and optimize Facebook ads is a must. Our exclusive article ensures how to make that happen for your brand. In order to ensure the success of your brand, you must […]

Amazon Annual Hardware Event

amazon echo speaker technology release

Amazon held its annual hardware event on Wednesday, September 25. It followed closely behind Apple’s annual keynote event from a couple of weeks ago, where the company unveiled the iPhone 11 Pro and other gadgets. Amazon introduced new Echo devices and Alexa capabilities in time for holiday gift shopping. Echo Buds One of the most […]

We Put Money in Your Pocket!

Money in your pocket

When business owners try to get things done by themselves, they end up spending more money. Professionals know what they need to do to ensure an easy road to success. They get results such as lower costs per click, higher conversion rates, and the best part, more sales!  The Money is the Motive Do you […]

Snapchat Takes On Facebook

Snapchat takes on Facebook

An all too familiar name is back in the spotlight for yet another less than savory reason. For years, Facebook has notoriously tried to outdo their competitors by either copying their features, or simply buying them from them. Even though Facebook is only 15 years old, it’s the most widely used social media platform on […]

Instagram Restricts Beauty Content

girl make up mirror lipstick

Instagram is full of celebrities, influencers, and advertisements alike encouragers users to buy certain products. Unfortunately, these products typically aren’t so innocent or tennager-friendly. Popular celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner are all promoters of lose-weight-quick teas, diets, and cleanses. While these promoters might not think much of their posts, it […]

Things You Can’t Find on Google

Things You Can't Find on Google

While we typically like to use Google for every single thing our brains can possibly come up with, there are some things that you won’t find there. Sure, if you want to do a quick Google search for “Most Popular Bakeries in Atlanta 2019,” plenty of information awaits you. Unfortunately, though, those bakeries that made […]

Amazon Music HD

Amazon Music HD

Music lovers, your time is now Introducing Amazon’s new lossless music streaming service, a new tier of its music service, dubbed Amazon Music HD. If you’re tired of paying $19.99 a month Tidal music, Amazon Music HD now charges $14.99 a month for the HD tier, or $12.99 if you’re an Amazon Prime customer. Even […]

Apple Keynote Event

Apple Keynote Event

Apple had its Keynote event this week and unveiled new details about the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Apple TV+, Apple iPad, and the new Apple Watch Series 5. Christmas came early, and Apple enthusiasts can’t wait to get their hands on all the new gadgets and gizmos Apple has promised them. iPhone 11 and […]

Facebook Dating is Here!

Facebook Dating is Here!

If you enjoy the thrill and excitement of meeting someone new from an online dating service, get ready for the latest one: Facebook Dating. What is it? That’s right; Facebook now has a dating service. It launched in the United States yesterday, and if you’re 18 years of age or older, you can use it […]

Twitter Calls Out Instagram

Twitter Calls Out Instagram

Twitter has decided to stand up for what it believes in. What does it believe in, you may ask? Twitter is tired of Instagram using screenshots of tweets in order to boost Instagram likes. A screen grab of a funny tweet typically looks funnier and acts as a standalone joke rather than getting lost in […]

Facebook Tests Hiding Likes

Facebook Tests Hiding Likes

In the wake of Instagram’s announcement of testing out hiding likes, Facebook follows suit. Today’s world is run by likes, and people are obsessed with getting the largest number possible. This is partly because of celebrities, influencers, and society’s overall need to be the best.  The Plan The information released on Labor Day, which was […]

Lead Generation for Messenger

Lead Generation for Messenger

Calling all marketers! As we’ve said before, using Facebook is an essential part to getting exposure for your brand. With billions of users all over the world, your next potential customers could be anywhere. How do I generate leads? This is a question that many new businesses find themselves asking. Generating leads is one of […]

Recruiting Spies Via LinkedIn

Recruiting Spies Via LinkedIn

China is a much different place than the United States of America. For starters, there are thousands of sites that we use everyday here in the States and don’t even think twice about. China, on the other hand, blocks most of those same sites. One site not blocked, however, is the famous job searching site […]

This Week on Privacy Scandals: Apple

apple products privacy scandal

Does privacy matter to anyone these days? Facebook has been the biggest perpetrator of late, and Apple is following closely behind them to make for a stellar series of bad news. What Happened Last month, we discovered that Apple was employing contractors to listen to and “grade” Siri recordings and they regularly heard confidential information […]

Off-Facebook Activity: Your New Best Friend

Off-Facebook Activity: Your New Best Friend

The Internet is an overwhelming place. While it has changed the lives of many people all over the world, it often leaves many people wondering how private their private information really is to some companies. On Facebook in particular, there have been multiple scandals regarding the privacy of users. The incident was so bad that […]

Instagram Copyright Hoax

Instagram Copyright Hoax

People are taking the recent Facebook privacy scandals very seriously, but this time it’s on Instagram. A fake, viral copyright post has made its way to celebrities from the likes of Rob Lowe, Taraji P. Henson, Julia Roberts, and many others. Celebrities aren’t the only ones getting fooled by this note, however. Thousands of Instagram […]

Another Day, Another Google Outage

Another Day, Another Google Outage

Google users everywhere might be experiencing yet another Google outage largely in the United States on Monday, August 19. The major areas affected appear to be East cities, such as New York and Boston. Across the country on the West coast isn’t safe either. According to the Down Detector, it looks like San Francisco and […]

Facebook: Privacy?

Facebook: Privacy?

Privacy (noun): free from observation by other people. This is a concept that Facebook just cannot seem to grasp, and in the wake of the recent privacy scandal that resulted in a $5 billion fine for them, one would think that they would get the hint by now.  What happened Tuesday, August 13: word got […]

Writing Your Article

Writing your Article

Do you even know what you’re doing when it comes to articles? You can’t even begin writing until you take care of multiple other steps. Read about our guide in this article. We can learn so many things from one single article. Whether it’s an article about the best restaurants in Atlanta, popular vacation spots […]

Think Outside of the Box

Think Outside of the Box; cardboard box on a wooden floor background

Aren’t you tired of seeing the same things over and over again? Don’t you wish people were coming up with fresh, new ideas? Does everyone seem to be copying each other? We think so too. Here’s a challenge for you: go against the grain. Venture out and try something new. Change your mind and start […]

The Domino Effect

The Marketing Domino Effect

How can your social media, sales, campaigns, and more all work together? Being knowledgable of every aspect of your business will determine how much your business grows. We all know what the domino effect is and how it can have an impact on everything in our lives. It’s the cumulative effect produced when one event […]

Hold Off On Buying a New iPhone

Hold Off On Buying a New iPhone

Calling all Apple fans! If you’re the kind of person who is constantly on the hunt for the latest and greatest phone, we recommend waiting another month or so to jump at the opportunity. Why? If you refuse to purchase Google phones and love Apple, Apple plans to release its newest addition to its arsenal […]

Bug Detected in LinkedIn’s System

Wanted: New CEO of Google?

We often think that the bigger, most widely used platforms are foolproof with no errors or bugs of any kind. We now know differently. Last Thursday, an interesting job posting appeared. So interesting people thought that it wasn’t real; while they were correct, it looked and seemed like the real deal.  What happened Sundar Pichai, […]

Google Summit 2019

Google Summit 2019

What it is and who’s going Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the founders of Google, is hosting a three-day Google Summit and have invited some serious A-listers. Famous household names such as former President Barack Obama, Prince Harry, Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry, and others were hand-selected to attend the event due to their philanthropic nature […]

Coming Soon: Google Pixel 4

Coming Soon: Google Pixel 4

Christmas is coming early! The Google Pixel 4 should be released sometime in October of this year, and it has a lot of cool, new features that might make you want to switch your phone entirely. Read on to see for yourself. Just when we thought the Google Pixel 3 couldn’t get any better, Google […]

Facebook and Instagram to Ban Content Related to Alcohol and Tobacco

Facebook and Instagram to Ban Content Related to Alcohol and Tobacco

Even if you aren’t a professional influencer on Instagram like Kylie Jenner or Christiano Ronaldo, chances are you have had some sort of influence over someone in your life. Teenagers are still developing mentally, physically, and emotionally, and big changes like those typically lead them to make some questionable decisions. Platforms such as Instagram and […]

Learning How to Use Facebook Pixel

Learning how to use Facebook Pixel

If only there was a tool that could help your business track conversions, optimize advertisements, and re-target those advertisements all without you lifting a finger…oh, wait, there is! Welcome to the world of the Facebook Pixel. It will change the way you run ads and, ultimately, your business. Whether you’re a rookie when it comes […]

Everything You Need to Know About Conversion Marketing

Everything you need to know about conversion marketing

Conversion Marketing transforms regular Internet Users into your customers. There are keys tactics to achieve this so you can implement conversion marketing into your daily strategy. Though you might consider yourself an expert on all things marketing, the number of different options out there are endless. As a business owner, one of the most important […]

Helpful SEO Tips

Helpful SEO Tips

As you continue to build your business, it’s important to know how to reach your desired audience. Meet SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. You two are now best friends. Check out the helpful tips provided below that are needed to be successful. Looking for some helpful, easy-to-understand SEO tips? Look no further! There are so […]

Microsoft invests $1 billion in OpenAI

Microsoft Invests $1 Billion in OpenAI

The future is now. Microsoft and OpenAI, an organization specializing in Artificial Intelligence technology, have joined forces to create safe, user-friendly AI and AGI machines. Microsoft invests $1 billion into OpenAI in hopes of learning and creating more AI and AGI. The idea of Artificial Intelligence fascinates us. Even before we knew what to expect, […]

Tony Robbins, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, and Others Coming to Atlanta

Tony Robbins and others will be coming to Atlanta to talk about steps to success

Calling all budding life and business strategists! Your time has come. Tony Robbins, one of the most famous American authors, philanthropists, and life coaches is currently on tour spreading his wisdom and knowledge to those who wish to join him in his line of work. Robbins will be speaking at the Georgia World Congress Center […]

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day

The latest in Amazon social media updates: Ladies and gentlemen, we made it: Happy Amazon Prime Day! This year, however, we get to experience the discounts spread out over two days. That’s right–if you don’t have time today, the sales will be there again tomorrow the 16th. Just like Facebook, Christmas came early with Amazon […]

Facebook $5 Billion Fine

Facebook's $5 Billion Fine

The Fine Barely Made a Dent for Facebook The latest in social media updates: though most normal businesses’ stocks would go down after a $5 billion fine, Facebook is the exception. Their stock rose after the steep fine came to them for various privacy violations. The U.S. government spent months trying to come up with […]

“Twitter ArtHouse;” Twitter Outage 7/11

Twitter updates this week include Twitter ArtHouse and the Twitter Outage

Your weekly dose of all things social media news. Read on to discover what you might have missed regarding Twitter news this week. “Twitter ArtHouse” The Twitter news never stops. Twitter’s newest creative team is here to help brands share their artistic endeavours on their own platform entitled “Twitter ArtHouse.” Twitter has announced that “advertising […]

Five Critical SEO Mistakes to Avoid

5 Critical SEO Mistakes to Avoid

As if the world of SEO wasn’t hard enough to navigate, it turns out there are aspects to steer clear from. Though that may make SEO seem even more confusing, it can be conquered and even you can make it happen. Our world is not how it used to be, so it’s imperative to become […]