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Chiropractic Social Media For Your Clinic

20 Ways Chiropractic Social Media Can Improve Your Practice

Chiropractic social media is changing everyday. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way every chiropractic business operates. It’s time to take advantage of the increased social media use. This article gives you 20 ways to effectively use social media for your chiropractic practice.

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Data-Driven Social Media Marketing


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1. Analyze the data of your website

Data driven social media marketing is the wave all chiropractors need to be on. Analyzing data means letting the stats of your site traffic lead you to make better marketing decisions. Use Google Analytics to understand the demographics and audience of your website. There are hundreds of metrics used on the application that can tell you what content is most popular, the location of users on your site, what time you should post, and more.

2. Define what type of chiropractor are you

Define from your first post what type of chiropractor you are. Be clear on your values and how you treat patients. Do you have more of mixed chiropractic, older way of thought? or are you more of objective chiropractic, modern thinker? How do you handle vertebral subluxations? These are all questions that you must answer according to the audience you want to reach.

3. Show your spinal manipulation techniques and adjustments  

Clients want to see what you do. People are becoming increasingly more visual, and they respond more to businesses that post videos. Providing media displaying anything from exercises to training videos will do you justice.

4. Advertise your business on Facebook

Facebook has 2.59 billion active users a month, and 92 percent of social marketers use them for advertising. Why is that? Well, Marketing Land reported that in the second quarter of 2019, Facebook took in 16.62 billion in advertising revenue! The numbers speak for themselves. Be where the target audience is.

5. Optimize Social Media accounts to make it easier for people to find you

By definition, optimize means to make whatever you’re doing the most efficient and effective. How do you achieve this with social media? Keep things organized, add new images, and be clear about what your business is in order to be successful. All your pages should reflect the same brand. Also, be sure to make all captions the same if possible to create clarity and consistency. 

6. Make Sure to update your profiles daily

Your social media posts need to be organized and scheduled. Your career is hectic enough already, so make your profile presence easy. Make sure your social media team use all profiles simultaneously. This way, users know when your website updates, so do your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles.

7. Have a tab on your Facebook page for direct booking 

Include a tab on your Facebook page where current patients and future clients can book you. Instead of having them call you, give your availability with dates and times so there is no confusion. Display what is already scheduled, so that you can be as efficient and professional as possible.

8. Follow and connect with the American Chiropractic Association

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) is the largest association in the United States for chiropractors. It should be a no-brainer that you get involved with this organization. Becoming a member allows you to promote your practice, learn new tools, and connect with other professionals. You should also connect with chiropractic groups on FB.

9. Post when you’re at Chiropractic Conferences and Seminars

After you get involved with ACA, attend leadership conferences and summits. Invest in yourself and pay the cost to go because it is worth it! When you are there, make sure to not only post but tag other professionals you mingle with. Mention them on your social media stories. It will give you credibility. 

10. Promote your business higher on Google through targeted content writing

The best way to get your business higher on Google ranks is through the use of keywords. Be strategic with the posts that you share on your website and profiles. This process is known as search engine optimization. Google Analytics is a tool that tracks website traffic and will help give you insights into what posts, phrases, images and more attracts people. Getting your business higher will completely benefit your chiropractic social media practice.

11. Use Email marketing to increase your income!

Email marketing is an easy way to stay in touch with your customers and potential clients. Because email marketing is not public, you can send specific messages that are focused on keeping them engaged and tuned into your chiropractic business. However, it all begins with a subscriber list on your social media pages. Have a tab or section on your page for people to sign up to receive updates, offers, newsletters, and more. From there, then you can target your messages to link to products based on tracking what they click on in the emails.

12. Stream live sessions of you re-aligning joints and working with backs

In addition to posting previously recorded videos, use live streams on your social media pages. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have this feature. During your appointments, you can have followers watch you perform chiropractic practices in real-time! Live streams can also be shared, which can help you attract new patients 

13. Build your YouTube channel

Youtube is another tool that can boost your brand. While it is strictly videos, it gives users a one-stop-shop for all of your visuals. There are several ways to build revenue off of Youtube, but first you have to focus on building up your subscribers. Start by posting all your training videos, practice exercises, and more right. The key is to be consistent, and have quality videos. 

14. Recommend chiropractic tips on easing pain and lifestyle

Use your social media platform to share tips to patients. Short and quick posts daily about remembering to stretch, not sleeping on your stomach, sitting up straight, and more will help keep your followers checking constantly for the next tip to get them through the day

15. Share resources for patients to live a healthier lifestyle

People are checking your page to learn about your business and live healthier. What ways can they live healthy while being in a quarantine? What new exercises can they do in their home to keep them in shape? In addition to helping them with their joints, back pain, etc., share new books, ideas, and other resources to help them be better emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Be more than just a chiropractor to them. 

16. Hold a live Q&A session on your Instagram about all things Chiropractic related

Instagram is the place to go for live-streams for business. You can announce when you will stream, and continue to promote until it’s time to go live. Let patients ask you questions through the live about the chiropractic field, and you answer in real-time. This will establish you as an expert, but also boost your engagement and interaction on social media. You can also live-stream on Facebook and Twitter.

17. Learn from others in your field and become an expert

The power of social media is the power of connecting with others you would’ve never had the chance to meet before. You should never get in a place where you feel like you need to stop learning. Follow other chiropractors in your field on social media. Don’t have too much pride that you can’t directly message them because you never know where that relationship can lead. Any master in their field was a student first. 

18. Let people see your accomplishments and awards!

It is never a bad thing to show off your hard work! Letting social media see any achievements you’ve earned only helps with your credibility. Any award in the medical field is not earned easily.

19. Actively engage with patients and potential customers on social media through replies and comments

Don’t get on social media as a Chiropractor just to talk about yourself! When people comment, comment back and have a conversation. It may seem backward, but people will feel like they know you personally after a few social media conversations even though they never met you in person.

20. Post pictures of you with patients

It might seem small, but posting pictures, videos, and testimonials can do a lot for your business. When people see that you have real relationships with the people you serve, it makes them more intrigued. They won’t be able to resist that genuine spirit of yours!

Chiropractic social media can transform the way you do business. Use these tips, and watch your practice improve!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our social media support experts.

On your LinkedIn profile, there is a button toward the bottom of your profile that says, “Link Facebook.” When you click here, you will be asked for your Facebook information. When you do this, you can easily connect everything together.

On your LinkedIn profile, go to your profile drop down menu in the top right hand corner. Open it and click on “Privacy and Settings.” Directly under “Settings” in the top right hand corner, click on “Manage your Twitter Settings.” This will bring you to another page which invites you to add your Twitter information.

Go to your profile and click “lists.” Create a short description for each list, then add different Twitter accounts. You can decide whether you want them to be public or private.

On your homepage, find groups. In the top right hand corner, there will be a button that says, “create group.” Click on this and make a group and add descriptions and invite people to be a part of it.

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