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Coffee Shop Owners

20 Powerful Social Media Tips for Coffee Shop Owners To Improve Their Business

How can social media transform your coffee shop? Follow these 20 suggestions and be the coffee shop owner to start and get immediate results to your marketing efforts


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1. Show off all Coffee Products

Your main product is coffee. That is what customers are coming for to start their day off Monday morning. Let them see what they are buying! Give them new ideas by posting new coffee selections they maybe haven’t tried yet. And if you, the coffee shop owner, is the one presenting them, expect even better results.

2. Use hashtags with every post

When you are posting your signature coffees, use hashtags! It defeats the purpose of your post when you show a picture off, and it doesn’t reach as many people as it should. Using hashtags like

  • #Coffee
  • #Espresso
  • #lattecoffee
  • #Coffeelife
  • #SignatureCoffee
  • #coffeelove
  • #Caffeine
  • #CoffeeCaffeine
  • #Coffeelovers
  • #Coffeetime
  • #Coffeeadicts
  • #Morningcoffee
  • #coffee shop owner

They will allow your posts to be seen by people searching for those same tags. In other words, hashtags can bring you new customers, which means more money!


3. Reply to ALL comments on your social media posts

When people like and support your social media posts, take 10 minutes out of your day to respond back. It shows that you don’t just have scheduled posts and then nothing else. Go the extra mile. Much of your business will come after the transaction is over. The job continues online after they leave your shop. Always give them a reason to return

4. Make videos of you creating new specialty espressos

In addition to posting pictures on your social media of the final product, don’t be afraid to illustrate the process it takes to get there. Customers will appreciate the taste more because they experienced how much time it took to make it. If you don’t have a 4K camera, use your phone! While you might think that this is a long process, it really isn’t. Grab your phone that you are always on, flip it sideways, and record a quick video of an espresso being made!

5. Create High-Quality Content

You can post 10 times a week on all your social media profiles. Yes, your traffic might increase, but you still might not be getting any real engagement. How is that? Have you thought about the quality of your content? Are your pictures blurry? Are your videos edited well? When you stream, do you have connection issues? If you have negative answers to any of these questions, then you have a serious issue. Providing quality content to your customers and followers on social media is a top priority! There is no substitute for eye-catching content.

6. Respond to ALL direct messages

There is no substitute for engaging with customers. When they have questions, message you about promotions, want a reservation, or just ask you how you’re doing, RESPOND! The more interaction as an owner you have, the more relatable you become. Build a relationship with as many customers as you can, because it has a direct correlation to loyalty. 

7. Run special promotions that are only offered if customers follow you

A huge key to customer engagement is promotion. However, how can you make promotions even more effective? Make sure that certain promotions are only targeted to those who follow. For example, you can offer a 10 percent coupon on the next special only for customers who can show that they follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

8. Have a tab on your Facebook page for online ordering

Include a tab on your Facebook page where customers can order food. You want to be as convenient as possible when people order. Maybe they are stuck in traffic and don’t want to wait in line? A tab for online ordering adds a new stream of income for your company

9. Make a section on your profiles for Reviews!

One of the biggest keys to your success as a Coffee Owner is word of mouth. It is the oldest, yet most effective tool! It can either benefit or destroy your business. Luckily for you, you serve the highest quality coffees ever seen. When people are in your shop enjoying your coffee, encourage them to make reviews right there! This way, they do it while they are still in the moment. In addition, reviews lead to more site traffic and engagement. Reviews will bring in more customers, which means more money for you.

10. Post pictures of you serving customers

It is nothing like seeing your favorite coffee shop to serve others with a smiling face! Show off your employees waiting tables, helping customers, and everything else in between. It makes viewers get a sense of the type of environment that they will want to be a part of. 


11. Google is the way to go!

As a coffee shop owner The best way to get your business booming is to get it high on Google ranks. Do you even know if you’re on Google? Does your page have an easy and simple title to search for? Is your meta tag descriptive enough and have keywords relative to your business? This is known as search engine optimization. These questions are just a few you need to ask to make sure your business is at the top of the ranks.

Another way to boost your business is through Google My Business. This FREE service gets you a business listing and allows you to better connect with customers through Google searches. Google My Business allows you to post pictures to your profile, lets customers email and call you, as well as leave reviews on your page. It’s another medium that allows you to come up high on Google ranks!

12. Use Email marketing!

81 percent of small business owners rely on email marketing to generate leads and convert window shoppers into buyers. It’s one of the best ways to reach new clients as a coffee shop owner.

MailChimp has redefined marketing for your business. They have created an all-inclusive site for marketing. By enrolling in their program, MailChimp provides email marketing services, automated messages to keep the conversation going while you’re not online, digital advertisements, creating a call to actions, developing your social media, and more. Your coffee shops will always need to market. Every day brings new opportunities to gain new customers.  

Another option is Sparkpost. They “pride themselves on having better deliverability, being reliable, and having more personalization when sending emails. They realize that every customer is unique, and believe that every email should have a signature touch to it.” No matter which you choose, the important thing is to optimize your emails. Have them scheduled and be consistent.

13. Create polls on social media to see what customers would like to see next from your business

Polls are so essential for customer interaction for a few reasons. First, they keep people engaged on your page. They feel they have an important voice and know it holds value. Second, polls allow you to know how your business can improve. There is no better way than to find out from the customers you serve on a daily basis. Do you need to change the color schemes, introduce new music, add more aesthetics? These are all questions that can be answered through polls.

14. Stream Live Video to show what a typical business day is like

Live Video is a huge tool that can boost your brand. You have the ability to show your followers and prospects what a day in the life of a coffee shop looks like. Live Video gives customers a raw look at how you run your business and has the potential to really put a positive light on your company.

15. Incorporate Facebook Advertising!

Facebook is the number one platform to go to for social media advertising. Hundreds of thousands of businesses use it every day to better market their company. There are paid promotions, lead generations, Facebook contests, and so much more. Facebook has made it that collecting leads are so simple. When an ad for your coffee shops shows up on their dashboard, an automatic contact form pops up that already has most of their Facebook profile information on it!

Facebook describes an ad campaign as a set of one or more ads. These ads are strategic. Through an ad campaign, you’ll define your targeting, budget, schedule, bidding and more. Once you answer the question, “what do I want to achieve through by advertising?”, then Facebook can help you get there. You can customize lead forms so you ask the right questions that get you the best answer for your company.

There are 2 types of Facebook Ad campaigns. The first is a cold traffic campaign. Cold traffic campaigns build your audience, generate interest in your products, and make more people aware of what you sell. This is largely done through lead generation. On the other hand, Remarketing Campaigns are where you’ll make your sales and build a loyal following of happy customers who will help sustain your business. They are for after you have your clientele built up.

16. Analyze Your Data

Each business social media profile as well as your own website gives you data or insights into your site traffic and how well you are doing. By looking at the data, especially on tools such as Google Analytics, you can determine which content resonates with your audience the most. By determining their highest interests, you can see what type of content, whether it’s pictures, videos, articles, or streams to publish more of!

17. Attempt to get a brand ambassador or social media influencer

In this age of digital revolution, social media ambassadors are taking over. It might be worth your time and finances to invest in someone that relates to your target audience. People are more likely to buy a product when they see an influencer promote it. It is an old trick, but still extremely effective. Basic pictures of them sipping your coffee will do wonders.

18. Hire a Social Media Specialist

As an owner, how do you manage all your social media accounts on top of running day-to-day operations? Hire a social media specialist. What can they do for you? For starters, they keep your profiles organized, schedule posts, market your brand and more. They specialize in projecting the image you want your coffee shop to portray. 

19. Find software to help you manage your social media profiles

If you don’t hire a specialist, that does not take away the responsibility of managing all your profiles. They are an array of social media management software to help you be efficient. HootSuite is used by over 10 million business owners and professionals. The Social Report costs $49 a month and is known for its analytics. Hopper HQ is used by most small businesses and allows you to edit visual content as well for all profiles through their site. There are several more platforms available, so do your research in order to make an educated decision!

20. Create a mobile app for faster sales!

You might be thinking what else can I do after reading through 19 tips. Well, this one is sure to take the cake. Create a mobile application for your coffee shop! Allow customers to have exclusive features like saving their favorite order, creating a custom profile, sharing the app with their friends, and more! The mobile app can assist with making transactions and purchases easier! Give new customers a coupon for downloading the app to boost the traffic. 

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