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Data-Driven Analytics Obsession – Part 1

Do you ever ask yourself why Google is free? Check out this scenario; If Google said you have to pay only $1 per month to use it, would you pay? According to their numbers, there are over 63,000 searches per second! That translates to 5.6 billion searches per day and about 1.3 trillion searches per year. If we estimate that 1 billion people use Google monthly (and we know it is much more than that), Google can make (read this twice please); 1 billion dollars per month!

Yet, they don’t charge us. Why?

When we started at HVMA Social Media, it was all about managing Facebook accounts. Instagram followed quickly and at some point we were told that LinkedIn is the real lead generator for B2B so we started to check that as well.

But it wasn’t enough. To all of you business owners, I’m sorry, but if you are looking to have someone manage just your business Facebook account, it means you don’t really know the field, or your budget is simply low. This is the truth. You are thinking small. If marketing is not your first priority, I truly suggest you reevaluate last year’s revenue and your future revenue potential.

However, this is not a sales blog. I’m not here to present our products. This blog has the same DNA as the company, which means we target directly.

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“Deeper” is the word I use the most at the office. Some of my staff tell me to use “in depth”. To me the point is the same; we want to hit the target right in the middle. We want to create content relevant to the person who sees and reads it, instead of creating for the general mass. That’s the essence of data-driven marketing. It’s all in the data.

One of the biggest mistakes many businesses (and marketers) do is creating content based on what THEY (the businesses) want. The right way is to create content THEY (the audience) is asking and looking for. Connect their desires with your agenda and now you have some returning followers.

You see, Google is smart (no arguments there right?). They create content based on what you want. Now, what is the best way to know what someone wants? You guessed right. The answer is simply just to ask them!

And that is what Google is doing. Google is a data-driven company. They ask what you want and only then do they create content for you (and charge you for it). Facebook and Youtube work the same way. Data=Value!

Posting to Facebook can be done by anybody with a phone these days. With a few creative applications and a few filters, “anybody” can produce some nice looking content.
Throwing a football can be done by anybody with an arm also. But not every one of them can play professionally. 

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