Building a Data-Driven
Social Media Marketing Campaigns

To Help You Make Better Decisions and Higher ROI

Web Traffic Analytics

Social Media Presence

Email Campaigns

Advertising Campaigns

In-Depth Google Analytics

  • Increase Page Views
  • Create Attractive platform for users and advertisers by monitoring the analytics
  • Data Driven Content Creation
  • How do you acquire Audience
  • Where are your users coming from
  • Users flow and engagements

Building a
Social Media Presence

  • Build Your Audience
  • Target the Right Audience
  • Create Quality Content Based on Analytics
  • Increase Relevancy 

Email Marketing

  • Grow Your Mailing List
  • Convert Emails into Sales
  • Create Engaging Emails and Increase CTO Rate

Social Media
Advertising Campaigns

  • Optimize Your target Audience
  • Retarget Your Audience
  • Conversion Campaigns


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The Benefits of Data Driven Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Identify the Right Audience
  • Improve Social Campaigns 
  • Benchmark Against Competitors
  • Improve Social ROI
  • Brand Reach and Awareness
  • Reliable Reach 
  • Financial Gains

What is Data-Driven Content Creation?

  • Creating a Solid Data base
  • Targeting and Retargeting
  • In Depth Articles Posting
  • Strategy Analyzing Content Performance
  • Learn User’s Purchasing Habits

Data Analysis of
Your Daily Activity

  • In Depth Special Reports – Google Analytics
  • Social Media Reports and Data Collection
  • Posting Schedule Optimization
  • Email Marketing Campaign Reports and Results
  • Advertising Campaigns Reports and Conversion

HVMA Social Media is a Data Driven Social Media Marketing company located in Marietta, GA.

Offering a variety of services, such as Marketing Strategy, Content Creation, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Web Development, YouTube Ads and more, we focus on data analytics to evaluate performance and ROI to our customers.

With a group of certified professionals and experience consultants, we separate ourselves from other agencies with our excellent attention to details and customer service. We emphasize on building long-term relationships and providing understandable solutions.

Our business is extremely diverse, having worked with companies in various industries such as food, well-being and wellness, sports, real estate, travel, chiropractic, nonprofit organizations, television shows, influencers, different kinds of media, and so much more.

Our goal is to deliver – measurable results.

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