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Do Instagram Stories Help Improve Your Profile?

Do Instagram Stories Help Improve Your Profile?

Though it may seem like an afterthought to many people, that needs to change right now. We live in a world run by social media, and that means that everything you do can and should be seen by followers. Find out why constantly having Instagram Stories will improve your brand’s overall success.

Instagram Stories have become one of the most powerful resources and tools for captivating audiences and followers, driving traffic to other sites and pages, and boosting overall engagement to soaring figures. Say you’re at a concert for your favorite music artist of all time—and he’s currently wildly popular as well. When you finally enter the venue and find yourself at the back of the crowd, hundreds of feet from the stage, you’re going to grab your friends and make every effort to plow through the hordes of other fans simultaneously battling for the front row, so you can see your idol up close and personal! Despite the trek appearing dauntingly impossible, you’ll probably try all kinds of crazy maneuvering techniques to finesse your way through walls of fans—probably surprising yourself at your own agility!

Nowadays, millions of people on social media platforms are constantly vying for likes, comments, shares and the most important asset of them all—followers. As such, the need for powerful onboard methods and tools that can drive brand exposure, engagement and traffic has flourished. If you’re an Instagrammer and you want people to know who you are, what you do and how you have a hundred thousand followers, you must know how to push your profile and posts to the forefront of the hyper-saturated global feed. Just like the concert scenario, there is a certain adroitness needed to steer your profile-vehicle through the throngs of contenders to get where you want.

Raw, Uncut, In the Moment!

With that being said, you’re probably wondering, “Okay…so how exactly do I drive people to my profile or posts, and is there a sustainable, long-term way to maintain that traction?” Well, we’re thrilled to inform you that not only are there several methods to achieving this, but that Instagram has implemented a powerful tool to rapidly amass you views, follows and engagement—by means of Instagram Stories!

Rather than just manufacturing another semi-mediocre picture or video post onto your feed, sandwiched with filters, effects, hashtags, captions and whatnot, try exploring the amazing world of Instagram Stories. Almost identical to Snapchat’s “Stories” (the original creator of the social media concept), users can upload ephemeral, bite-sized story posts to their profile where curious Instagrammers and potential followers can keep up with the instantaneous yet casual stream of content about you, your business or your artistic pursuits. They’re almost like “outtakes” of the user’s daily life, unfiltered and captivating, behind-the-scenes moments. Yet as with any type of content on the ‘Gram or most other social platforms, the biggest key to generating successful results is by producing quality content that’s fun, engaging and relevant. In the rest of this article, we will discuss the exact ways that Instagram Stories can function towards helping boost your profile’s standing, draw in scores of engagement numbers and pile your follower’s list high!


  1. Add links to your Instagram Stories. Adding links is not easy on Instagram—you’re already limited to only one, and that’s on your main profile as a profile bio hyperlink. That’s somewhat useful. But if you happen to have 10,000+ followers and/or are a verified profile, then a whole array of options are unlocked where you can add links to external sites within your Instagram Stories under the “See More” section. When combined with well-designed background visuals, this can serve as a powerful weapon of marketing construction and build you a nice stack of followers and customers!
  2. If you don’t have 10K followers or are verified, don’t stress. There’s another way out (and you’ll laugh when you hear it because it’s so obvious)—tag your own profile in the Story! Doing so creates the most direct channel to you and your info that the right customers would be interested to see. In bypassing the link restriction for your stories like this, you can implement a call-to-action button, bio hyperlink, and direct contact info where IG surfers will land—your profile! Entice followers with stellar design elements and some witty text, and they’re all yours.
  3. Back in 2017, Instagram dropped a huge reveal and a massive update to the platform—the ability to save IG Stories within your profile as “Highlights”—changing the Stories game forever. These collections or albums of previously posted Stories can live snugly underneath your bio, almost acting like “brand portfolios” for people’s lifestyles, brands, companies, fanbases, or whatever endeavor an Instagram marketing champion could desire. The short features are front and center once someone lands on your profile, creating maximum throughput to drive traffic towards your best creative marketing assets.
  4. One of the best ways to grow yourself on a social network is by doing exactly that—networking! Now, Instagram Takeovers (becoming a sort of special guest or making a feature appearance on another person’s profile) were a thing…but it wasn’t always so easy to make it happen. Well, with the birth of Stories, users are working together with other users or even influencers who have the magic 10K+ followers to do takeovers on their Stories or casually promote each other. You both benefit by engaging with new audiences and driving fresh traffic to your website.
  5. Now, those were all the organic options. When you feel you’ve exhausted all your ideas and time with normal Stories functions, you can always fall back on Instagram Advertising! In March 2016, Instagram made Instagram Stories Ads available to all businesses—creating an even bigger power-up to the already robust Stories feature. With options such as choosing between unique focus objectives, call-to-actions, objective parameters and swipe-ups leading to your website, you can directly channel your ad investment back towards your bread-winning product or service, and build a solid base of customers and audiences as well.

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