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Eye-catching Email Marketing Tactics

The Best Eye-Catching Email Marketing Tactics

Though it might not seem like an email can change the course of your business, that’s untrue. In fact, the opening rate for a typical welcome email is above 80 percent, meaning that almost everyone who receives it opens it. This is a great sign for your organization, as this kind of marketing keeps things running smoothly. If you want to reach success, try to implement today some (or all) of these email marketing tactics listed for you in this article.


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Promotional Tactics

One of the most important thing in any email marketing tactics and in your newsletters, is to not be afraid to put promotional items in there. You already collected their information, and know what content to target them with. Promotional items will increase your click and open percentage rates. In addition, you have the potential to boost your conversion rates. In other words, if a customer opens an email and sees a coupon they want to use, they can apply to an online purchase. Once that transaction goes through, that’s a successful conversion! Promotional items in your emails can boost your engagement and bring you more money.


As technology has continued to improve, so have the little details that go along with it. For instance, the rise of emojis has turned into a cultural phenomenon, allowing anyone to illustrate a sentence with cute, small pictures instead of writing it all out like the old days. These emojis are colorful and eye-catching, meaning they make a great addition to a marketing email. Whether you feature them in the subject line or sprinkled throughout the text, it brings your email to the next level. It also allows the person receiving it to know that your business is cool and hip, an added bonus.


We tend to think of the Caps Lock button as a tool to use when we’re trying to get our point across. Whether you’re angry, showing surprise, or even disgust, the Caps Lock button is your go-to. For instance:

What are you doing?

The above sentence doesn’t make us stop what we’re doing. It’s pretty basic, and we won’t think much of it. But let’s look at another version:


This one is definitely more eye-catching, and we automatically feel like we have to respond immediately because we want to know why the Caps Lock is on in the first place. Always catch the reader’s eye right off the bat in order to ensure that they read through the entire email.


There’s no denying that we all loved to be addressed by our names. In most cases, our favorite words tend to be our names. It’s familiar, and not to mention refreshing when a business uses it, showing they care. This is why it’s so important to add the names of your customers in at the beginning of the email. Instead of saying, “Dear loyal customer,” it will say, “Dear HVMA Social Media.” Reading that makes for a much more pleasant experience, and it encourages the reader to keep going instead of stopping at the first line.

Direct Questions

As with our second example, a question piques the interest of the reader from the beginning. Instead of reading run-of-the-mill statements, a question is something entirely different and looks more refreshing than anything else. It keeps your readers guessing, which is something you want them to constantly do. This makes them want to keep visiting your site to see what’s new and different.

Call to Action

Before thinking any email marketing tactics you need to ask yourself: What good is an email if it doesn’t have a proper call to action? If you aren’t familiar with the term, it’s a marketing term used extensively in advertising and selling. You want to evoke action from the reader, meaning you the end goal is that they buy something from you after reading your email. Good eye-catching examples to use are the following:

We need your help!

Your opinion is wanted/needed!

What do you think about ______?

Appeal to them as a person and show them that you care about what they have to say. People always want to know their thoughts are valued.

Promise Value

Everyone loves free stuff. This is why it’s so important to include free or discounted offers in your emails. More importantly than simply including them, however, is to make sure the offers are known from the very beginning of the email. If people don’t see it right away, they might not want to read on, therefore missing your offer, promo, special deal, etc. 


Images are a vital part of email marketing. Whether they’re big or small, you must have them. Most people are visual learners, or at least prefer looking at images to reading text. As mentioned earlier, emojis are a good start, but on a bigger scale, include colorful and interesting pictures to draw your readers toward. No one likes looking at dry material, so pack yours full of appealing material instead.

There are so many email marketing tactics to create eye-catching content for your readers, but the main component is to have a unique approach toward everything you do. If you aren’t, no email marketing tactics will work for you, and that’s a huge market to miss out on. 


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