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How to Get Spa Clients to Return

Best ways to get spa clients to return

So you can attract customers into your spa therapy practice, but you can’t seem to get them to come back. How do you get around this? What are the keys to getting clients to consistently visit your business?

Every business owner wants to have revenue that grows consistently every year. However, how can you even have those aspirations without daily clients. This article will examine key ways to get customers to return to your spa on a daily basis. Sometimes, it’s not that you don’t have quality products, good customer service, or proper training, it’s just that you forget to do the little things that matter most!

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Establish Goals

First thing you must do is establish goals. Your goals need to be SPECIFIC. For this article, we know you’re reading because you want to know how to get clients to return to your business. Each goal you outline needs to have explanations on how you can achieve them. In other words, create a road map for your goals.

Most importantly, all of your goals need deadlines. There’s no point in trying to grow if you don’t put a date on it. A date makes the goal real, and provides a sense of urgency. If your goal is to have all first-time customers come back within 2 weeks of the day they entered, you know what you have to do to lure them back in. Research the market you’re breaking into. How can you have returning clients if you don’t know what they like or want to begin with. If you don’t know what turns your audience on, they’ll never come back after their first visit. Find out their spending habits, average income, interests, and more. 

One of the first things you need to do is optimize your media in a way that can be measured and tested. In order to get clients to return to your business, your social media presence needs to be superb. Make your goals public! What will this do for your business? It boosts engagement. If you post on your Facebook that you need 5 more clients to come in by the end of the week to meet your goal for May, and that the last person gets a discount on any massage, it might make you gain more clients. Your goals are reached, and you also provided a promotional tool that will make them come back. We’ll discuss promotions later. Making goals public also provides accountability, and makes clients feel closer to your business. It shows that you are constantly trying to grow.

Loyalty Tactics

We said earlier that your goals need to be specific and they also need to have an explanation so you know how to execute. Your marketing strategy has to include new and unique tactics to encourage return customers. 

One of the biggest keys to success in the spa industry is treating people right. Whether that is the actual spa procedure, or just plain customer service, you must treat people right. When people show you their loyalty, reward them. Create punch cards that can fit in a wallet. The goal of these punch cards is that every time a customer comes for a service, they get another punch, or miniature hole. After a certain amount of punches, the customer receives a special reward. Maybe it’s a free yoga session, or a 50% off an exclusive spa treatment. No matter the reward, the idea is that they can only get it once they reach a certain amount of punches. This is a simple and quick way to establish returning customers no matter how long your spa company has been in business. 

You can also start a membership program! Those that join can receive a number of things! Members can get certain discounts not offered to regular clients. Their information can be stored in the computer for convenience purposes. Keep track of their favorite spa treatments and more. In addition, you can hand out coupons that are attached to each receipt. What does this do? First, it makes them come back because the coupon is only valid in the store. In other words, they have to come back. In addition, it shows that you reward their membership loyalty. Your options are endless. When members come for services, they can possibly receive perks with their treatments like a complimentary hand massage. Whatever you decide, the main objective to make your customers feel valued so they come back!

Data Collection

While running your spa therapy practice, you’re naturally going to be focused on making a profit. Is your job done once a client gets a spa treatment and pays? No. This is the time for data collection. There are several ways to collect detailed information about your clients to get them to return. To the best of your ability, you need to collect basic information on every person that walks through your doors. Get your clients to do a survey when they’re right in front of you! This way, they can’t forget. Your survey should include information like name, age, birthday, city they live in, and email. In addition to that, get answers as to what attracted them to your business in the first place. What are their interests? What are their favorite spa services? What would they like to see offered?

Answers to these questions tell you 2 things: what you need to continue doing, and what you can potentially add to your business. By asking customer interests, it makes them feel like they have a say in your company. They receive a sense of value while you know what to add to your business that can get customers to return, recommend you, and get their favorite spa treatments. Also, don’t be afraid to ask what will make them return? Address any concerns before they arise in order to use it against them. Now they have no reason to not come back because you already handled the situation.





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Email Retargeting

Keeping a log of all emails is critical! Why? Because these emails will build your newsletters list up, which is the beginning of your email marketing journey. Inside of emails, you can send an array of different advertisements, promotions, and updates about your company. It keeps customers and potential clients engaged. You can place specific ads inside your newsletters for your top products. 

Similar to Facebook, Mailchimp allows you to track how many clicks and opens you are getting per email, so you have an exact way of identifying which ads and which emails are doing the best. Once you know the best ones, you can copy that same formula, and resend similar emails out. Once you have peaked their interests, reel them back in! If they come in for any of your services, don’t let them walk out that door without discussing a way to get them to come back next week!

Redefine customer service

Getting return customers doesn’t have to be difficult. Another way to get customers returning inside your spa practice is to redefine customer service. While we know this sounds cliche, it is the little things that matter. How do you treat the people that walk in your door? You can have the perfect business, newest equipment, amazing decorations, and more, but if you don’t treat people right, they will never return. An easy idea is to offer all clients a complimentary bottle of water when they walk in. How do you be creative with this? Put your logo on the bottle of water! This offers more promotion for your business and increases the awareness of your brand.  When you perform spa adjustments on clients, are you taking your time, or are you rushing to get through their appointment? In addition, customer service isn’t over after they pay for their spa therapy. Never forget to thank them for their business.

Did you know that 82% of shoppers stated “that they would buy more from brands that personalize the communication that they send out.” This means it’s time to go the extra mile. Brainstorm creative ways with your teams to send follow-up messages to clients. By follow-up, we mean that these messages are for after they come in for a massage or any other service. Do they get a thank you email that sends immediately after the transaction is complete? Can you develop positive messages that you put on stickers that are free with every purchase? 

Lastly, find reasons to contact your clients by phone! Give them a call on their birthday. Customer service is about going above and beyond. Your clients will be shocked when they hear a voicemail from the CEO of the spa company they visit that says happy birthday. It’s totally unexpected. Also, use their special day as a time to reel them back in. Call them and personally invite them to a birthday spa session with a special discount.

Getting clients to return doesn’t have to be a challenge. These tips are amazing ways to retarget customers into your business regardless if your spa business just started or has been around for over 20 years.

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