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Develop unique looks for your brand and become an influencer

Develop unique lookS for your brand and become an influencer

Instagram Profile Management

Why Work with HVMA

  • Get more link clicks
  • Target your right audience
  • Convert followers into customers
  • Get more followers
  • Create better content
  • Upgrade your stories
  • Increase engagement
  • Get more sales from IG
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Hashtags optimization – find and manage #’s that fit your brand

Get the Most Out of Your Instagram Profile Including:

  • Strategy Sessions
  • Brand Awareness
  • Content Creation
  • Audience Engagement
  • Build Quality Audience’s
  • Story Creation
  • IG Insights
  • IG Advertising
  • Hashtag Research

Instagram Stories

  • Daily Stories
  • Engaging Stories

Insights and reports

  • IG Analytics
  • Hashtags Insights
  • Monthly Progress Reports
  • Audience Reports

Find, manage, and analyze Instagram hashtags

Grow your account, business, and influence by reaching new audiences

Instagram Analytics

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Build an Engaging Community By Converting Your Audience Into Customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our social media support experts.

Still have questions?

Using Instagram, go to your profile and click on the three horizontal lines on the top right hand side of your screen. Click on the settings wheel at the bottom. Scroll until you see “Account,” and then find “Linked Accounts” on the next page. Link your Twitter to your Instagram here.

Swipe right from anywhere on the screen and in the app. You’ll then tap “Live” at the bottom of the screen, then “Start Live Video.” You can end it at anytime.

IGTV is a standalone video application by Instagram for Android and iOS smartphones. It allows for longer videos compared to Instagram. While IGTV is available as a standalone app, basic functionality is also available within the Instagram app and website.

Tap in the top right of feed (small tv icon), or open the IGTV app. To view your channel, tap your profile photo. Tap the plus sign (+) and choose a video, then tap next. Add a title and description. You can also choose to share a preview of your video to Instagram Feed and your profile or share your video to a Facebook Page. Tap Post.

Instagram square size recommended: 1080px x 1080px but you should upload the image at the max resolution allowed, 2048px x 2048px. Instagram landscape dimensions recommended: 1080px x 566px. It is also possible to use a smaller size such as 600px x 400px

Open the Instagram app. Locate the search bar at the bottom of the home page. Click on the Magnifying glass icon second from the right. Type in the name of the person whose page you want to visit in the search bar at the top of the screen.

On Instagram: upload the picture you wish to filter by clicking the center icon that looks like a plus sign. Once you have chosen your photo, click next in the top right hand corner. A variety of filters will show up at the bottom half of the screen. From there, you pick which one you would like to have for your photo. Proceed to upload it by hitting “next” again.

To mention someone on Instagram, hold down the shift key and the 2 key, creating the ‘@’ symbol. Then, with no spaces, start typing the bane of the friend you wish to mention.

A hashtag is a type of metadata tag used on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other microblogging services, allowing users to apply dynamic, user-generated tagging which makes it possible for others to easily find messages with a specific theme or content. It looks like #

On most networks, if you use a hashtag with a public account, anyone can see your post. If, for example, the trending topic is Atlanta and you want to join in, your tweet might look like this: “Greatest city in the world! #Atlanta” Anyone else posting about Atlanta can see your tweet and engage with it.

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