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Marketing Tips for Spa Owners

Golden Marketing Tips for Spa Owners

If you are a spa owner who is currently thinking how to help your business grow for the future then this article is for you. How can your spa practice stay relevant, engaged, and involved with your clients? We have 20 marketing and social media tips for spa owners that no pandemic can stop.

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Data-Driven Sports Marketing – Basketball

Data-Driven Social Media Marketing

1. Post videos of your staff sterilizing equipment

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, safety is everyone’s new number one concern. Many businesses are opening back up, which means it’s time to clean your spa equipment better than ever. Use this time to show your followers and customers how you are cleaning your equipment! If you have the available funds, bring in a cleaning company and document the entire experience. If not, get in there with your staff and your storefront spotless. People need to be reassured that their favorite businesses are taking every measure to ensure the safety of the shop, staff, and customers.

2. Analyze behavior of your audience on Google Analytics

Google Analytics lets you track the behavior of your audience on a weekly basis. For every breakdown of your audience, whether it’s age, location, gender, Google Analytics gives your site a behavior report. In other words, you’ll be able to clearly see the bounce rate, amount of site pages they view per session, and the time they spend on your website. This is critical for your spa because it tells you what pages they click on that cause them to leave, and it will point out what the highest interests are of your audience based on which breakdown you choose. Use this information to make better content to reel your target audience in.

3. Breakdown your success on social media accounts

What’s the point of posting on social media if you can’t track your success. Luckily, you can with Facebook and Instagram Insights. Facebook Insights “details your reach, explains likes, and the respective countries of your users, the most important tool for this topic is virality.” It also tells you the best time, the best day, and the best content to post.

Instagram Insights shows you the amount of impressions you’ve made over a week span, amount of profile visits you got, the accounts you reached over a week period, age group of people who viewed your story, and much more. Since they break it down by day, all you need to know is what you posted on which day to determine your most successful posts. 

4. Positive messages on social media

Spread positivity! It seems simple, but we promise it is effective. People need to feel good with so much negativity floating around the atmosphere. Create a text post, graphic, or video message that encourages people to put a smile on their face. As a spa owner, let your followers know that you are there for them. Always continue cultivating relationships with your clients!

5. Show videos of you performing spa stretches

Spa owners are taking advantage of many patients being at home. Use your social media platform to show stretches and exercises they can do in their own home! Keep the relationship going with your clients by giving them a weekly workout schedule they can abide by. Show yourself in the video going through each technique slowly as if you were doing it with them in person. Make this a consistent feature on your social media. Put a countdown on your Instagram story to let your followers know when you’re releasing the video. The more consistent you are, the better your engagement will be.

6. Utilize Email Marketing

Don’t forget about email marketing. As an owner, use this time to tap into your target audience. Compose a brand new newsletter addressing the changes in your company. Give updates on the spa industry, updates on your company, and target your clients with new promotions. The purpose of this newsletter is to keep your customers informed and show them you truly care about them. Use the newsletter as a tool to better learn your audience. Track your opens and click percentages through Mailchimp to learn what content your clients engage with the most. Knowing which content to produce will also boost your conversion rates, which means more money.

7. Share Resources to Stay Healthy

What can you do to improve the health of your followers? There are several resources you can share on social media that are beneficial to your clients. Research the best foods, drinks, and supplements to boost people’s immune system. Make sure that you are not making a sales pitch to them, but rather give suggestions on things that have worked for you. Remember that they trust you, so be careful that you share resources that are legit. Have you thought about creating infographics? You can show the top 5 foods to improve their immune system! Make a video showing off some great vitamins that are available for everyone.

8. Connect with other spa groups on Facebook

What better way to improve as an owner than learn from others in your field. Take advantage of one Facebook’s best features, which is Facebook Groups. There are dozens of Facebook Groups online that share an abundance of information. By joining spa groups, you can see how other companies are also working through this pandemic. How are these spa owners interacting with their followers? In addition to learning from them, use these groups to connect! Introduce yourself to the people that comment. You might meet other owners, or even have the next person that comments be a potential customer.

9. Optimize all social media accounts

Any owner needs to be efficient. In order to be successful, your business also needs to be on almost every social media platform. It can be overwhelming running a spa business and also managing social media. How can you make this simpler? Well, it’s time to optimize your social media accounts. In other words, sync all of your accounts together. We recommend Hootsuite, where “you can manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. You possess the ability to schedule posts at certain times, and even schedule them to be released at the exact same time on each platform.” This is what true efficiency is, and gives your social media a professional, consistent, and organized feel!

10. Update your business hours on Social Media, your Website and Google My Business

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way ALL businesses operate. What does that tell you? It’s time to update your new business hours. If you don’t communicate this change online, you might lose potential customers. The worst thing will be when spa patients come to your business and you’re not even open.

Make a post on your social media and website stating your new hours. More important than that, update your new hours on Google My Business. When people search for your spa through Google and your spa pops up with the website, address, contact, and hours of operation, that’s Google My Business. Change that as soon as possible.

11. Engagement with all followers on social media ask how they are 

There are hundreds of thousands of spas worldwide. We can almost guarantee that they are also on social media. What will separate you from other owners? The answer is the way you engage. Once again, this is simple, but extremely effective. Have you asked how your followers are doing? Do you know if anyone in your local area needs anything? Maybe there is a chance for you to donate food to those in need. Asking how your customers are will transform the way they view you. You will no longer just be the owner of the spa company, but a friend now. It makes you more approachable.

12. Go Live on Instagram and do a Q&A on all things spa related

Live streaming is one of the best and realistic ways to be interactive on social media with your clients. Following the theme of optimization, make creative countdowns on your Instagram story announcing when you will be going live. Live streaming is a creative way to truly engage with your followers. They can view your business in real-time, and you have the freedom to do anything on there. Your followers can type in questions for you to answer which will develop good conversation. You can also pin special promotional codes on the chat box of Instagram Live that are only available to followers that are watching your live stream at that specific moment.

13. Conduct polls on Instagram

The beauty of Instagram is the several interactive features you can use on your story. Have you thought about what people want to see from your spa company? The pandemic has given owners everywhere so much time to plan and brainstorm for their comeback. How will your spa company improve when life returns back to normal? Ask your followers and see what they think. Instagram allows you to ask questions, and this is where you can get unfiltered and honest responses. You’ll never know what might attract more customers if you don’t ask.

14. Run Facebook Ad Campaigns

Advertising campaigns consist of one or more ads that allow you to “define your targeting, budget, schedule, bidding and more.” Facebook spreads your ads over thousands of profiles to give your business more exposure. Facebook has 2 types of campaigns. “The first is a cold traffic campaign. Cold traffic campaigns build your audience, generate interest in your products, and make more people aware of what you sell. This is largely done through traffic and lead generation. On the other hand, Retargeting Campaigns are where you’ll make your sales and build a loyal following of happy customers who will help sustain your business. They are for after you have your clientele built up.”

15. Create promotions for when regular business resumes after stay-at-home order ends

Be creative with targeting your audience. This pandemic has hurt a lot of people’s finances. That should tell you to give special discounts and promotions for people when they first come back to your spa! You can also be strategic with this. Put a promotion inside of a video you publish. This way, only certain people can take advantage! Releasing exclusive promotions when drop multimedia content will also boost your viewership because other followers will want those discounts too.

16. Train your employees/therapists to be prepared to resume normal schedule

Your staff needs to be ready. Customers will be coming in constantly for their facials, treatments, massage, stretches, etc. and employees need to know how to handle the traffic. What new systems will you implement to ease their workload? Is their new software that can make booking clients easier? Do your employees know how to log data and information? Take this time to train your staff on as many aspects of the business as possible. It will also make your job easier in the long run.

17. Update and upgrade any equipment in your spa  

Your spa needs to be number one. How do you do this? Make sure that your equipment is updated and looking brand new. Even if you can’t afford to upgrade, make sure that your equipment is working as if you just bought it. The best places will win their trust with the right equipment, service and general experience. People will not spend money where they don’t feel safe and will refuse business if the equipment doesn’t work right.

18. Learn about your competitors  

Take advantage of this time and learn what your competitors are doing. What makes them successful? What flaws do you see in their business that you can capitalize on? Doing research on other companies can give you new ideas, and even show you how to do something better! Improvements lead to more customers. You have to separate yourself from other businesses, but you can only do this if you know your competition.

19. Develop your marketing strategy

What is the marketing strategy for your spa company? What goals do you want to reach this year? How much profit do you want to see? How many employees will it take? All of these questions and more are answered in your marketing strategy. Sit down and strategize how you are going to take your business to the top. Use your data to make better decisions and create the best data-driven marketing possible for your business.

20. Create a package of products 

Have you thought about making a spa package for people to purchase? Put together three to four items that patients can use in their home. Maybe these products will benefit their skin, wrinkles, help reduce stress, or just make them feel good. An easy, cost-effective spa package can help bring some revenue in during these difficult times. Make sure that when you display your products on social media that you are excited showing them off! Be positive and grab their attention!

Be the best spa owner there ever was! While social media can be time consuming, it’s worth it to really learn your audience so your business can grow even more! It’s time to transform your company now.


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