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Snapchat Rising in Popularity: Still Growing

Snapchat Rises in Popularity; Still Growing

Just when you thought it was over for Snapchat, seven million new users joined their platform. Where did this influx of people come from? Thanks to Snapchat making valiant efforts to keep with apps like Tik Tok and Instagram, users are once again returning to the eight-year-old platform. What’s Tik

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jennifer aniston girl influencer instagram colorful picture

Jennifer Aniston Joins Instagram

For those of you who are fans of Jennifer Aniston, odds are you likely saw her “break Instagram” last week when she first joined the social media platform. Aniston ended up setting a Guinness World Record for the fastest Instagram account to reach one million followers in just five hours

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two women meeting working

LinkedIn’s New Feature: Events Hub

If you currently or have used LinkedIn at some point in your life, odds are you understand the concept. LinkedIn is an employment-oriented networking site, meaning that people use it to find their next potential careers. The site has over 645 million users, and people generally feel good using it.

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light switch lights out dark mode instagram

Instagram Enables Dark Mode

Dark mode is all the rage when it comes to social media apps. Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and YouTube already established the option for users, and Instagram finally made the switch itself. Dark mode is a color scheme that uses light-colored text, icons, and graphical user interface elements on a dark

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man running away blue background long winding road

“Following” on Instagram: The End of an Era

Say goodbye to the somewhat creepy “Following” feature on Instagram because it’s going away this week. You know the one we’re talking about. When using the app, you navigate to where you see who liked your pictures, who requested to follow you, etc. If you swipe to the left, the

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two girls smiling happy love threads

Meet Threads, Instagram’s Companion App

If you enjoy using Instagram, but also enjoy chatting with friends, we’ve got some good news for you. Instagram just rolled out the new app called Threads. This goes beyond the Close Friends option on the original app. It’s its own entity, totally private, and totally fun and easy to

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man phishing youtube hacking

YouTubers Under “Massive” Hacking Attacks

A “massive” attack overcame some popular YouTube accounts over the weekend, and people are shaken up. Though the attack appeared mostly to be toward high profile accounts, it seemed to be mostly aimed at influencers of different genres. These genres comprised mostly of technology, music, gaming and Disney. However, if

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amazon echo speaker technology release

Amazon Annual Hardware Event

Amazon held its annual hardware event on Wednesday, September 25. It followed closely behind Apple’s annual keynote event from a couple of weeks ago, where the company unveiled the iPhone 11 Pro and other gadgets. Amazon introduced new Echo devices and Alexa capabilities in time for holiday gift shopping. Echo

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