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The connection between Writing and SEO

The Connection of Writing and SEO

When it comes to writing and SEO, keywords are the most important things to remember. A keyword is an idea or topic that defines what your topic is about. Whether you’re a marketer, a restaurateur, or a plumber, there are words that people automatically associate with your area of business. Google is like one of those people that likes to associate words with you.

Keywords are Key

The way Google notices your keywords is through the use of SEO. SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization, is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. This is where keywords come into play. If your website contains necessary keywords that other people are searching for in Google, Google will recognize the keywords on your site and organically move it for you.

Cater Your Content to Your Brand

In order to continue to grow your business, it’s imperative to write content and relate it back to your brand. An easy way to do this is to write articles. While writing a good, quality article with correct grammar, spelling, and direction, you must remember to include keywords. 

Not sure about what keywords to include? An easy way to do this is to sign into your Google analytics account. Here, whenever you search anything, a list of related keywords and a list of similar things other people searched for will appear. This tool is the best and easiest way to get a feel for what keywords you need to use.

For example, if we type in “Atlanta marketing,” related keywords range anywhere from “entry level marketing jobs in Atlanta” to “fashion marketing jobs in Atlanta” to “sports marketing jobs in Atlanta” and so on. These are terms that you want to include in various articles you write. Even if you aren’t hiring, you can discuss different types of marketing and what each one entails and how yours is different from them, or even do some research on what most needed forms of marketing in Atlanta. Some words and phrases that other people searched for include “digital marketing events in Atlanta,” “Atlanta business events,” and “advertising jobs in Atlanta.” These are all great places to start and great keywords to use in articles. Since Google knows that people are searching for things like this, the information on your site will pertain to different searches, thus organically moving your post.

Have Keywords on Every Page of Your Site

Writing and SEO means first the use of Keywords. They should be on every page of your site as well. It’s not enough just to place them in articles because your site ranks higher the more keywords it has in various places. Since your site likely has different pages such as about us, history, awards showcase, services, etc., make sure to place the keywords on all of them. This will greatly boost your chances of getting organically pushed since Google will be able to pick up on the words in multiple places. 

Your Data and Stats

In order to keep up with what people search for on a daily basis, you must constantly keep up with your website’s data and statistics. Google analytics can help you do this as it keeps updating your rank. The more often you check to see what other people are searching for, the more opportunities you have to rework your site and add articles and blog posts that do contain the keywords people need to find. The Internet doesn’t sleep, and neither should you when it comes to the success of your business.

Keep an Eye on the Competition

If you continue to have trouble with coming up with things to write about, check out your competition. See what words they have written over and over again on different pages of their site and compare theirs to yours. Since they are the competition, you want to make sure you have more than they do in order to generate more traffic to your site instead of theirs. That being said, you can learn from what they do and make it better to improve the overall functionality and SEO of yours.

Users Will Thank You

SEO is important for so many reasons, but one in particular is that it improves the overall user experience of your site. If potential customers browse your site with swiftness and ease, the odds that they will return are very high. In addition to returning, they will likely spread the word of your site to friends and family based on their experience they had the first time around. Search engine crawlers check your site for understanding the meaning of what you want to say, and determines how easy or difficult it might be for a human to read it. That said, SEO helps create a good, lasting impression in addition to so many other things.

There are many factors that go into having a useful, informative website, and SEO is arguably the most important one of them all. A tool that can improve the user experience, help craft your content into understandable terms, and boost your site organically on search engines is worth using. There are multiple ways to make SEO useful for you, and once you do, your business will thank you for it.

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