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One of the most abused lines you can find online is; ”Do you need more customers”?

The idea is good, I guess. Some expert was smart enough to understand that every business wants more customers, and as an engaging line to trigger someone’s curiosity, it is acceptable.

However, it seems like the permission to use it was not protected and 90% of the people that ask that question can’t really deliver. People think that ‘story’ is not something to tell, but something to invent. 

Hey, I Can be Tall if I Want…

You probably get daily mail with “experts” of all kinds sending you offers and telling you how they can increase your results and grow your business if they just get the chance. My favorite are the ones that sign their first name only without any last or at least a company to check. That is the best kind of expert…

I ignore about 10 to 15 emails a day that start with “we found your website online” or “we can help you improve your…” It is the new version of cold calling. The chances that you grab my attention are low and you need to be super creative.

Gary Vee calls it “Spam City USA”.

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Everyone IS an Expert.

The new world order, also known as the Coronavirus pandemic, created a new norm; the conference calls and zoom calls took over the face-to-face meetings and actually brought the world together. Small companies and freelancers are now able to offer their services to the entire world (and call themselves global service) because they don’t really need to meet and show their office and activity.

You can get a nice presentation from someone sitting on their bed with their laptop and a virtual background of a New York office building. It is another level in the field of laziness (I know you had zero patience to read any of this (by the way, thank you for reading this) and the 3 seconds video view invented by Facebook to at least get some metrics out of not seeing someone’s post/video doesn’t help either, but I just had to speak my mind).

What Is Your Position?

We started a campaign on LinkedIn Sales Navigator recently in an attempt to reach new executives and professionals from specific industries. Going into the process I thought we can target professionals based on their positions, interests, and company size. I was wrong. It turns out that people invent new (and creative I must say) positions for themselves.

If in the past we had the traditional Founder, Owner, CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, Director of Operation, Marketing Director, executive of other kinds etc, now we can find title such as Business Revenue Coach, Fitness Operator, Multiple Income Stream Mentor, and many types of leaders, mentors, advisors, and coaches…(it used to require some study or certificate, but not anymore I guess…).

Another one of my favorites is the “Best-Seller Author”. Everybody is a best seller. In most cases, it is the best author who is the only reader of their books. You invent a niche, sell 2 books on Amazon and become a best-seller although have just a few followers who actually took the time to read the $10 book…By the way, most of them, authors, coaches, trainers, etc, are a one-man show.

I’m Not Tall

I spent weeks finding and identifying the things that separate us from our competitors. That is one reason why I don’t accept my salespeople to present us as a digital marketing agency. 
We are a Data-Driven Marketing company, which means collecting, analyzing, and creating effective campaigns based on the data, instead of a desire.

When I was tall, I used to pick some dollar bills from the golden tree in my parent’s backyard. I then modified the description of the position in my LinkedIn account to CRPDO, which translates to Chief Results, Picking, and Development Officer. 

People should disregard the old idea of don’t sell, tell, and move from that to don’t tell, show.
But some people take it as don’t show, make it sound good.

How to Get a Return From Social Media?

There are many ways to get a return from social media. The idea is to understand your target audience. Focus on the audience’s attitudes, beliefs, and values. We use a demographic approach and analyze our audience to determine behavior. We focus on the audience, its activity, interest, and other metrics.

This helps us deliver the most relevant content and make the best decisions for your daily activity. 

And that’s how we transform the information into cash.

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