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2019 social media top spots

These are the 2019 Social Media Top Spots

Ever wondered who has the most followers on Twitter, or the most likes on an Instagram photo? You’ll be surprised…

As social media networks expand, grow and evolve at an exponential rate, the statistics get vaster and the noise grows thicker. Facebook now reports that over a staggering billion and a half of the world’s total population are active on the massive Harvard student-conceived social network. Instagram doesn’t trail far behind, with over 800 million active user accounts, and literally billions of views amass on millions of YouTube videos, and the thousands more uploaded every second!

Wow….that’s a lot to wrap your head around! To personalize some of the high-scorers for most likes and most followers within the social media cyberspace, we’ve compiled a list recognizing the (certified) royalty who have the most likes, comments, followers and other stats on all our favorite posting pubs!


Well if this social media faceoff is to happen, we’re obligated to start with the OG of social media (no, we’re not talking about you, MySpace)–Facebook! The online social network was started by then Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg, along with his roommates and fellow friends. What started as a fun website for Zuckerberg to connect students at the prestigious university would become one of the most powerful ideas in human history, literally shaping the world as a whole and sending technology, communication and even entire countries into a bold, new digital direction. One must wonder…after all those millions of people created profiles, fan pages, business pages and so on, who really came out on top in the social media high-score game?

Gear, Galaxy, and other Gadgets

A Samsung smartphone.

Interestingly, the winner for the most likes on any kind of Facebook page (besides Facebook, duh) is….Samsung! The virtual reality headset, mobile smartphone, expensive television and other digital electronics conglomerate, originating from South Korea, holds the world record for having 159.88 million followers on its official Facebook fan/business page. Not bad…but then again, Zuckerberg leaves the hi-tech firm in the dust with over 213 million followers on Facebook’s own fan page (how ironic!)

A (Very) Open Letter from a New York Human

Humans of New York going on about their daily routine.

In a long, open letter post made by “Humans of New York” page and organization owner Brandon Stanton, the storytelling mogul anomalously involves himself into the political throes, directly addressing then-candidate Donald Trump as the billionaire climbed the polls into his inevitable Presidential victory. Stating in the long, grim yet stoic allegations, Stanton delivers a morally-grounding case backed by facts, his own professional career affirmations, and the support of 2.3 MILLION people who also procured 1,128,383 (and counting) shares on the dichotomy between a leader and liar. This has made it the most shared post in Facebook history, uniting a community under a calm yet incensed voice clamoring for justice.


Selfie time! After Facebook, the global sensation, “Instagram“–the world’s largest multimedia/photo/video sharing social networking service, founded by
by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010–quickly spread like a wildfire among the millennial, young adult, and teenage populations. While other age groups also use Instagram, it was primarily these generations that obsessively post carefully crafted and expertly edited photos, videos and “boomerangs” (looped video clips) with captions, hashtags, filters and a refined aesthetic to scores of followers. The level of expression and interactivity Instagram provided was unprecedented, leading to a paradigm shift in how people connected, how they viewed each other, and most significantly–what they allowed others to see. Users quickly learned the most effective way to show off their lives, creating a highly-competitive playing field where the best pic wins. Here, we break down the top performers on Instagram of all time.

A Brown Egg: The King of the Gram

The egg that cracked Instagram!

Who would have even thought…that a picture of a random, inconspicuous little brown egg would shatter Instagram–beating out Kylie Jenner for the most amount of likes on an Instagram post EVER. The hilarious viral phenomenon began when an anonymous user, under the handle “@world_record_egg” launched a bold and unlikely campaign: “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram,” wrote the little breakfast item, and set a world record he did!

With some help from the New York Times, major news stations and IG marketing moguls, the post had the Internet scrambling as the likes grew exponentially. Within weeks, the meme hoarded well over 53.2 MILLION likes, leaving poor Kylie’s previous champion (an emotional photo announcement of her newborn child) in the dust with only 18 million likes. But still, people were asking: Who made the post, and what’s in the egg? Eventually, the anonymous egghead was revealed to be Chris Godfrey, a 29-year-old marketer from the UK. In a final heroic move, Godfrey posted a final video of the egg hatching, leading to an inspiring mental health awareness campaign that stole the world’s heart.

Star Studded Soccer Striker Steals Spot!

HVMA Social Media Digital Marketing

A literal global superstar, fashion icon and European household name, football/soccer-playing legend Cristiano Ronaldo carries the burden of having the most followers for an individual’s Instagram profile, rounding out at 157 million accounts. While European football may not be as popular in the US as other typical American sports such as baseball and basketball, nearly the entire rest of the world comes together routinely to curate the wild spectacles that are football matches. Fans hysterically cheer, scream, cry, and sometimes even get physical (which we do not encourage or condone) to pledge their undying allegiance to the football clubs and teams they love. Among the biggest star players in the game such as Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr. and the revered David Beckham, Juventus Club’s
Ronaldo holds a top spot within the global soccer elite.


The third and final social media platform in the all-star showdown is none other than the greatest place on the Internet for amazing comedy, ingenious memes, unsolicited mixtapes, sports updates, random thoughts, weird links and the OPTIMAL place to stalk your celebrity crush–TWITTER!

The platform was one of the earliest to be developed, hitting the web during March of 2006 when founder and creator Jack Dorsey wanted to send a text message to a service and have the message distributed to friends, letting them know what he was up to–a sort of user status service. After that, it was only a matter time before 332 million user accounts were created on the boisterous website, where users can “tweet” out little updates (limited to 280 characters) out into their feed. Others can view and interact on these tweets (like, comment, or retweet) or chatter away in direct messages or groups about anything their heart desires. Of course, in 2019, the features, abilities and functions of the platform have rapidly accelerated, making it a super instantaneous, fun and casual form of online .

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? In Yen?

The streets of nighttime Tokyo.

What do you do when your company makes 10 billion yen in New Year’s sales? You give away 100 million of it! Yusaku Maezawa, founder, owner and CEO of Zozotown (the biggest E-commerce company in Japan) recently rung in the new year by excitedly announcing on Twitter the astonishing results from Zozotown’s New Year’s Sale period–a whopping 10 billion yen. To celebrate the momentous occasion, he revealed that 100 lucky individuals would receive a personal New Year’s gift of 1 million yen (roughly $9,000) EACH…if they retweeted and liked the post.

The tweet spun into a frenzy, dominating Japanese Twitter and shattering a record for the country, and then shattering global records for the most retweets on a tweet ever–over 3.55 million, soundly defeating the previous two titleholders (Ellen DeGeneres’ group celebrity Oscar 2014 selfie and Carter Wilkerson’s plea for a year’s worth of free Wendy’s chicken nuggets in 2017). A humanitarian and kind soul, Maezawa was overjoyed and reassured in following jovial tweets his unflinching faith in the integrity and virtue of the Japanese people. He affirmed his belief that the winners would spend not only on themselves, but in helping better the world around them. A wonderful message from a fantastic man!

This Must Be a Teenage Dream!

Music concerts–the best time of your life!

The final champion for the social media top spot standoff is none other than your favorite bubblegum-pink, flirty but fierce American pop singer Katy Perry. The pop rock superstar and CoverGirl, worth $330 million, holds the title of having the most followers on Twitter. Perry racked up 90 million followers on the social platform, outperforming all 332 million other user accounts on the site. When Twitter published the record announcement on the site, Katy retweeted it with just four words to say: “Dang this is tight :)” Well deserved, Katy! The future is bright!

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