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Twitter updates this week include Twitter ArtHouse and the Twitter Outage

“Twitter ArtHouse;” Twitter Outage 7/11

Your weekly dose of all things social media news. Read on to discover what you might have missed regarding Twitter news this week.

“Twitter ArtHouse”

The Twitter news never stops. Twitter’s newest creative team is here to help brands share their artistic endeavours on their own platform entitled “Twitter ArtHouse.” Twitter has announced that “advertising creative is the top factor in driving sales, so brands need to create content that drives brand love and business impact.” In a study, they discovered that 34 percent of video content conjured up more emotional engagements, hence why ArtHouse was born.

Similar to Facebook Automated Ads, Twitter ArtHouse will provide marketers with different advertising options.

Options include:

  • Digital strategy: creating a strategy in order to generate more user engagement.
  • Video creation and editing: creating and editing videos to reflect what it is users want to see and interact with.
  • Influencer and artist management: getting big names to advertise something to hopefully increase the intent to purchase something, or even just increase engagement with a post.
  • Event live-streaming: creating a sense of community, involvement, and togetherness in a live form.

Studies on Twitter have shown that engagement with creative content (like the content that will be published under Twitter ArtHouse) is generally more successful than other content forms. It’s even created a 41 percent increase in the intention to purchase items. It’s safe to say that this is a good time for Twitter to make this change.

Twitter can’t take all of the credit

Twitter didn’t come up with the idea of monetizing creator content, however; the other social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat are all trying to push creative content in order to increase user engagement. Seeing as though Instagram’s influencer marketing is declining at an astonishing rate, Twitter ArtHouse is striking at the right moment.

It’s likely that we will keep seeing changes made in the direction of creating more original content instead of using the same old material time and time again. After all, it’s what the people want.

What was up with the Twitter outage on Thursday?

If you enjoy the quick news, funny memes, and trending topics that Twitter has to offer you, odds are you spend a good amount of time on the app. However, you may have noticed that the social media giant went down for an hour on Thursday evening. What happened there? 

As per Twitter: “The outage was due to an internal configuration change, which we’re now fixing. Some people may be able to access Twitter again and we’re working to make sure Twitter is available to everyone as quickly as possible.”

The outage mostly affected people in North America, Europe, and Asia. Users began reporting problems around 11:46 AM, PCT. 

Houston, we have a problem here

Twitter isn’t the only platform to have experienced problems recently. Reddit went down for desktop users for hours; Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp (all a part of Facebook) weren’t working properly for a total of about 12 hours last week. Though these malfunctions probably aren’t related to the Twitter outage, it’s definitely strange to see the social media giants all experience glitches around the same time.

We’re back to normal again

Thankfully, you can breathe again. Everything appears to be back to normal, and it doesn’t appear that there was anything inherently wrong with the network. It was a technical issue and they are right back to where they need to be. The latest news, celebrity drama, and world updates are all right at your fingertips once again. That’s all for latest Twitter news.

What do you think of this week in Twitter news? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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